LightBurn Software - GCode License Key

1. The purchase of GCode License Key is non-refundable.
2. It will be sent to you via email within 24 hours.
3. It is expired for one year.


LightBurn is the complete laser engraving solution for vector graphics. Create new designs from scratch or import and polish existing images before sending files directly to your laser controller for engraving. LightBurn really does it all!

If you're familiar with various laser programs like RDWorks or CorelDraw, LightBurn provides an easy transition while you improve your features. Easy setup and instructions for beginners. In fact, getting started with this program is not much more difficult than using the Paint application on your old PC, while still providing all the advanced features you need.

The license key for the LightBurn software is intended for users with GCode and many other digital controllers. It unlocks the trial version of the software for permanent use and allows installation on up to two PCs (Windows 32/64-bit, Mac OSX or Linux).

System languages: Czech, German, Spanish, Finnish, French, Italian, Dutch, Polish, Portuguese, Turkish, English, etc.

CREATIVE ENGRAVING TOOLS: Use the complete set of artistic tools to draw, arrange and edit shapes and create beautiful designs for stunning engravings. No need to jump back and forth into other programs; Finish your work with LightBurn to create engravable graphics. It communicates directly with your laser without any additional software.

FULL CONTROL: Import all standard vector graphics and image formats from Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, Inkscape, Corel Draw and more (including AI, PDF, SVG, DXF, PLT, PNG, JPG, GIF, BMP). LightBurn gives you full control over laser power, speed, number of passes, cut order and more.

Here are just a few of the helpful features:
Import graphics from external vector-based files with a handy drag-and-drop import feature.

Easily align images with clever alignment tools to achieve precise relative spacing, centering, and alignment.

The Auto Snap tool provides perfect line placement at corners, vertices, and midpoints to ensure your lines and shapes are always accurate.

Use tangent handles to create irregular shapes, outlines, and objects to complete your design toolset.

Zoom in to get a closer look at detailed designs and polish fine points to create intricate engravings.

Use the keyboard shortcuts shown to work quickly and efficiently. For complete keyboard shortcuts, see the Help bar.

Use the preview feature to quickly view illustrations before you finish them.

WORKS WITH MAC & PC: Compatible with Mac OSX, Windows PC and Linux. Most laser engravers currently on the market are not compatible with the Mac OSX operating system.


LightBurn solves this problem so you can stop transferring USB port files from different computers and perform all laser cutting and engraving operations in one place.

If your laser controller is not listed above, it may still work with LightBurn. Download a free trial to test it out for yourself.

ONE TIME FOR TWO PCs: One product key can be installed on two PCs to double your productivity!
Information about LightBurn and various settings as video documentation can be found here: LightBurn on YouTube

Information about LightBurn and various settings as text documentation can be found here:LightBurn


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Is it a subscription?  No. You pay once, the software will work forever as long as you have your license key.

How many computers can I use it on?  The license key lets you use the software on up to two computers at once, they don't have to use the same operating system, and a license can be easily moved if you get a new computer. If you need to use it on 3 machines, we're happy to update your license to allow it, at no cost. If you need more seats, or a floating license setup, we can do that too - contact us for pricing and details.

Does the license expire?  The license key has an expiry date - a year from when you first activate it. When it expires, it's still valid, you just don't get updates any more. If you download a version of the software released after your license expires, it won't work, but any version released before the key expired will continue to work. 

How much is it to renew?  If you choose to renew your license to receive another year of software updates, the price is $30.  Renewing your license will add a year of updates from today.  If you renew before your license expires, we'll add an extra two months.


Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Andy Brohaugh
Lightburn software

Hands down the easiest program of this type I've used worth every penny

Graham Riley
LightBurn Software - GCode License Key

Very easy to use

Tom Baker
LightBurn Software

Love it. Does everything I need from designing to engraving and cutting. Truely a one stop software. Wouldn't be without it.

Eloy B
Fast Fulfillment on the BEST Laser Engraving software!

I placed my order at 9:42pm and by 10:07pm that same night, I had an email with my License Key so I could reactivate my expired free trial and it was working again right away. No waiting. Now THAT'S SERVICE.