Preorder Comgrow T500 3D Printer 7" Klipper Direct Drive XYZ Linear Rails 500*500*500mm

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Comgrow T500
3D Printer

500*500*500mm Build Volume
200 mm/s Max printing Speed
7'' Klipper Touch Screen

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Printing Larger With Consistency

Unleash your imagination with an extensive printing area of 500*500*500mm, enabling you to bring grand-scale projects to life with exceptional finesse.

 Bring Out The Speed

Direct extruder highlighted with 6.5:1 gear ratio secure up to 25mm^3/s extrusion rate, resulting in 200mm/s regular printing speed at thicker layer heights. Brutal motors realize 8000mm/s^2 acceleration on both the x&y axes.

High-Precision Stepper Movement & Smooth Extrusion

The T500 incorporates a high-precision stepper motor system and a smooth extrusion mechanism with a gear ratio of 6.5:1, ensuring precise material flow and excellent control.

All-Metal Hotend with Hardened Nozzle

Elevate your prints with our 300°C All-Metal Hotend & Nozzle.The hardened steel nozzle enhances wear-resistance, enabling printing of mixed carbon fiber and higher hardness consumables.

95% Pre-assembled

With 95% pre-assembly, the printer significantly reduces assembly complexity, allowing you to quickly experience the joy of 3D printing.



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Elevating the art of creation through the limitless horizons of open collaboration, 3D printing has ushered in an era where imagination knows no bounds.
We are indebted to the brilliance that has shaped the essence of the T500 3D printer – an embodiment of innovation and open design philosophy.

In the grand tapestry of shared ingenuity, we honor the visionary creators who have generously contributed their models to the open-source community, igniting a symphony of innovation that echoes through time. Witness the tribute to their craftsmanship.
A testament to the harmony of minds and the power of collaborative creation:

Truck: HOM_3D_LAB
Storage Tank: SIGMA3D
Batman: BRKHY

As we celebrate these luminaries, let us be reminded that in unity lies the genesis of progress.

Thank you for your support.