COMGO Z1 Desktop Diode Laser Cutting Engraving Machine

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The LaserGRBL has also tested the Comgrow Z1, which the developer believes is the most powerful diode engraver he has used so far.

Joshua De Lisle

For COMGO 10 watt laser, this is excellent value for money.the gantry is solid and it works great.

The Louisiana Hobby Guy

If you were comparing this to other lasers and you were shpping price this would be the one to buy I would definitely recommend this.


                           Type                              COMGO Z1
Work area400*400mm/15.7*15.7inch
Laser output Power 5W / 10W
Z Axis Travel105mm/1.43 inch
Machine Size575*575*205mm/22.64*22.64*8.07inch
Cylinder DimensionsUnlimited
Laser Spot0.08*0.08mm
Laser Wavelength445nm
Engraving Resolution1000 DPI Adjustable
Voltage Input
AC 110V-230V 50-60HZ
Frame MaterialAluminum
Laser Head TypeDiode Lasers
S-Value RangS0-S1000(0%-100%)
Machanical PrecisionY:10um, X:10um
Baud Rate115200
Power adapter power24V/2A
Control ModePWM
Input Voltage 12-24V12-24V
Electric Power40W / 48W
Laser Power5W / 10W
Focal Length20mm / 46mm
Cutting Abblity (1 Pass)5mm / 8mm wood plank
Suitable materialsWood (plywood, hardwood, MDF, balsa wood)
leather, paper, ceramics, stainless steel,
cardboard, acrylic, stone, paint glass, titanium,
Anodized aluminum, Fabric, Plastic, Bamboo

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Customer Reviews

Based on 48 reviews
Farshid Raissi
After a few days

So far it has been very good but I am just trying to learn things. So far good.

Andreas Zeiler
Comgrow Z1

My first steps was with the Z1 5W but now I have my 10 W and i like. I think i will by the 20W too 👍👍

Toni Sedlmeier
great machine

we have a lot of fun with the z1. we bought also the roller module and the lightburn cam. many things to learn.

Douglas Short
Great product and easy set up and use

I am new to laser projects and am having a blast. Still working out a few software issues but that is because i am not too computer literate but am getting the hang and about to complete a couple of projects after all test burns look sharp. Easy to set up and videos on site were worth watching. When i thought i could not connect to lightburn, customer service was willing and ready for me to upload video fof the problem but i figured it out. Problem was user error. Thanks.

Jason Osborne
Great Laser and Addons for a Superb Price

I bought the Comgrow Z1, Air Assist addon, Medium Enclosure addon, Rotary Roller addon, and the larger Magnetic Honeycomb Laser Panel addon.

Assembly was easy and straight forward. The manual does need a native English speaker to QA the text but that didn't stand in the way. The Z1 worked great with Lightburn. Engraved three hardwood cutting boards for customers after doing a bit of testing. First one had burn marks outside of the design. I was able to use 400 grit sand paper to fix the problem. On the other two cutting boards, I installed the Air Assist pump addon and dropped the laser power down. On the third board, I got perfect results with 5000 speed, 75% power, air assist on max.

I also bought the medium enclosure. It worked out great. I cut down some 18mm plywood to fit my office window and attached some 4 inch plastic dust collection piping to it to create a permanent window vent. I used 4 inch dust collection hose to connect from the medium enclosure to the plywood window vent. Outside, I connected some more dust collection hose to a Vivosun inline duct fan to suck air out of the enclosure. I also setup the Z1 and enclosure on a piece of plywood that was larger than the enclosure so that the smoke couldn't seep out of the bottom. After doing all of that, I had no smoke smells in my office. Out of all the accessories I bought, this was the most important one. Protecting lungs during wood working is very important. I do wish the enclosure had some type of seal or bottom but I was able to work around this short coming.

I haven't had a chance to try out cutting material yet using the Z1 and honeycomb bed addon. I am interested to see what results occur. I also still need to play with the rotary roller addon. If they work as well as the Z1, air assist, and enclosure, I will be ecstatic.

All in all, I am very happy with the Z1 so far. I bought it along with all of the accessories for under $600 which is a very fair price compared to the competition.