Comgrow Universal Rotary Roller with an engraved cylinderical wood

Comgrow Universal Rotary Roller Module for Laser Engraving



This is a perfect upgrade for expanding your engraving capabilities and adding variety to your projects. Designed to engrave tumblers and cylindrical objects with ease, this rotary roller is a must-have for any laser engraving and 3D printing enthusiast.

The rotary roller is not only easy to build but it is also pretty easy to install and configure (virtually no assembly required). Plugin and go.

It's great for cylinder carving and etching. It has a stable design for multiple diameters. Spacing between the two rotary axes ranges from 17mm/6.6" to 33mm 1.2".You can engrave almost the same travel size as the machine. Equipped with a roller stand to engrave objects such as goblets.



【Wide compatibility】Comgrow rotary laser engraver is applicable to Laser engraving machines and 3D Printers. Work with COMGO Z1, ROBO CNC laser, Creality 3D printer Ender 3, and most other brand lasers engravers-For D1, Sculpfun, NEJE, CV-01, D1, D1 Pro, Atomstack, K40, and 3018 CNC.

【Easy Setup and Use】Ready to use laser rotary roller after unpacking, Connect to laser engraving machine simply by replacing Y-axis terminal, no assembling needed, smaller size to better work with most laser engravers.

【Perfectly matched with engraving machine to engrave round objects】The One-piece rubber laser engraver rotary, hardness up to 70A, stronger friction, allowing you to perform 360-degree engravings on round or cylindrical objects such as cups, pens, bottles, pipes, bowls, drums and tubes and over-length plate engraving or cutting.

【Engraving Table Height】 This aluminum rotary laser engraver has a height of 2.36”. Please ensure the space between your machine’s laser head and engraving table can accommodate this added height. Adjustable axes distance up to 3.39” to process a wide range of cylinder diameters.



1. Step angle: 1.8°
2. Weight: 0.5kg
3. Input voltage: 12-24V DC
4. Product size: 237x105x30.5mm/9.3.x4.1x1.2 in.
5. Can be used for ALL diode laser engraving machines, CNC with laser function, and 3D printer
6. Only including a rotary roller.
7. For cylinders up to 86 mm, the load limit is 0.7 kg/1.5 lbs.

Customer Reviews

Based on 16 reviews
Todd Coy
Laser Roller

Packaging was NIB. It arrived quicker than expected.

Tony bordet

très bon produit facile à utilisé

Curtis Cockburn

Small and easy to use

Eloy B
Great! Perfect for all but the items with handles

The best feature is its slim design. Very low profile. The title gives its biggest flaw, anything with a candle, cups/bugs or tankards with handles are very limited without careful placement. With any round items, this roller can handle anything that you can fit under the laser, may need with risers with some lasers. The distance between the rollers has quite a bit of adjustment and the rollers have rubber covers to help with grip. If its slips, its a sign your speed is too high but with the right settings, most things can be successfully engraved.

michel travaini

Comgrow Universal Rotary Roller Module for Laser Engraving