Used Creality Printers From Amazon Return-[No Refund/Return]

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Buy Creality refurbished Printers with a 1-Year Warranty


Packing Notes: In order to ensure the safe delivery of our products, we repackage individual machines, but we guarantee that they will be original Creality machines.

1. This item is 100% Creality Genuine 3D Printers. 

2. We only offer after-sale technology support.

3.We don't accept returns. please notice.

4. These machines are all returned by Comgrow Amazon customers. The condition of the machine may be open box, used, signs of use / missing parts, etc. This includes, but is not limited to, clogged nozzles, scratched hotbeds, scratched profiles, spotted displays, etc. Please think twice before purchasing.

5. If you are good at tinkering with projects, you can purchase these machines for re-selling or building a print farm.

6. We do not offer parts replacement and return support for these printers. This means there is no warranty on these machines. Because we believe that you can find replacement parts from the purchased machines or Amazon.

7. We are looking for buyers of bulk used printers in Canada, please contact us if you are interested in this long-term cooperation project. Email-us

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 40 reviews
    great printer

    I got the ender 3 pro. All the parts except the sd card were there. The printer looked brand new. I did notice why the people returned... they put the bolts backwards and from doing so, the x axis didn't have the same length of travel. Bad for them and great for me. All and all, it was a great purchase.

    Jakub Rogers
    Worth it if you're ready to repair or upgrade

    Picked up an Ender 3. It had every major part, just missing a screw or two. It was a very old machine with an old controller board so the biggest upgrade I had to make was upgrading the board to a creality 4.2.7 board. The hot end was filled with dried filament, so I had to replace the heater block with a spare I had lying around. I put a new extruder on as well. All in all, $80 wasn't bad for this printer. If there are more available in a month or so I'll be purchasing another.

    not bad

    everything arrived in tact, although a few bits of hardware were missing/replaced with other bolts. however, everything went together and after replacing a faulty thermistor (I just bought a new hotend) the printer seems to be working fine. I have almost ran through 1 kg spool and plan to print more things

    Peter Holdsworth
    Ended up being out of stock... but worth the wait!

    I've had refurbushed printers off Comgrow before and had been waiting for a deal on an Ender 5 Plus. Saw this "no returns/refunds" at a great price and thought I'd risk it. I knew I'd be replacing the print surface and extruder anyway, with plenty of spares. Got this and apart from a snapped plastic bracket, bent BL Touch pin and scratched glass (all of which I think was from repackaging) this looked like new printer!!! Setup with the help of my 3 year old who loves anything gadgetty and knocked the test print off the card within an hour.
    Customer service kept me updated and apologised for the lack of stock and delay.
    Just needs a timing belt on the Zs to keep them synchronised. I've found with such a big bed, one side slips every now again when the motors aren't engaged.

    Ronald Carroll

    Was a good choice, a little more damage to 2 units than I had hoped for, but it was repairable with a minimal additional few dollars. I would purchase again, when the time comes.


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