Used Creality Printers From Amazon Return-[No Refund/Return]

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Buy Creality refurbished Printers with a 1-Year Warranty


Packing Notes: In order to ensure the safe delivery of our products, we repackage individual machines, but we guarantee that they will be original Creality machines.

1. This item is 100% Creality Genuine 3D Printers. 

2. We only offer after-sale technology support.

3.We don't accept returns. please notice.

4. These machines are all returned by Comgrow Amazon customers. The condition of the machine may be open box, used, signs of use / missing parts, etc. This includes, but is not limited to, clogged nozzles, scratched hotbeds, scratched profiles, spotted displays, etc. Please think twice before purchasing.

5. If you are good at tinkering with projects, you can purchase these machines for re-selling or building a print farm.

6. We do not offer parts replacement and return support for these printers. This means there is no warranty on these machines. Because we believe that you can find replacement parts from the purchased machines or Amazon.

7. We are looking for buyers of bulk used printers in Canada, please contact us if you are interested in this long-term cooperation project. Email-usCanadian orders shipped in 1-2 weeks

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 56 reviews
    Kevin Worthington
    Not bad

    I’ve still got some tuning to do, but the only things really wrong with the machine I got was a damaged build sheet, clogged nozzle, and missing Z lead screw. Other than that, all accessories were there and everything works.

    Gene Wysocki

    Other than have to replace one motherboard it was definitely worth the money

    Great value

    Was skeptical at first but went ahead and bought two. One was damn near new and the other was just missing a x-axis. Both printing great now. Even have the newer boards on them. Great deal for farm setups

    Davide Ereno

    In my box there was only two missing screws (the ones that fix the power supply to the axis) not a big deal. The printer are fully functional

    Tak Chan
    Great Buy

    Printer in excellent condition with only minor scraches!


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