Upgraded Parts For Ender Series

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Capricorn FEATURES

  1. Assist with reduced feed friction.
  2. It should give you more precise movement of the filament, especially with retractions, thereby improving print quality.



  1. For Creality Ender 3/Pro/Ender 5/Pro/CR-10
  2. After installing this product, your printer will automatically detect the bed height at multiple locations around the surface of the bed and automatically adjust so the hotend will always be the perfect distance away from the bed.
  3. All necessary components for installation on Creality machines come included in this kit such as the ISP cable which will be used to connect the control board to the computer. In order for this product to work as intended, a new firmware must be flashed onto the control board. This firmware can be found for all Creality printers at https://creality3d.cn/products/