Comgrow Official Desktop Laser Engraver Enclosure-Watch the Propane Torch Test


Flame Retardant Test with the Propane Torch

Laser Enclosure (3/4 inch vent randomly shipped)

1. Great Compatibility: Comgrow laser engraver protective cover has a super space, 650*650*330mm/25.6*25.6*13in. it's fit for COMGO Z1, D1, Ortur Laser Master 2/Laser Master 2 Pro, ATOMSTACK A5/A5 Pro/A5 M40/A5 M30, Twotrees, etc.

2. More secure during engraving: The interior uses flame retardant material, which can effectively stop burning. It can isolate the smoke and odor generated during the laser engraving process.

3. Eyes protection design: fire retardant laser encloser can diminish the blue light produced by laser engraving, protecting your eyes.

4. Quick and Easy Installation: Folding storage, easy to carry and assembly, stainless steel bracket, the overall more stable.It has a detachable exhaust port (75mm/3inch diameter) on the back for DIY filter & fan.

5. Enclosure Advantage: Sound insulation and dustproof. The cover can effectively block the noise emitted by the engraver during laser engraving, creating a comfortable engraving environment. It can also be used as a dust cover to prevent the engraver from being covered by dust and is easy to store. Simply wipe it with a damp cloth when cleaning. Protects laser engraver from damage and helps contain stray fumes.


Smoke Purifiers

Efficient, effective, triple-layered filtration:
HEPA: High-Efficiency: H13-Grade HEPA (MERV16) Filter: remove at least 99.97% of particles with a size of 0.3 microns (µm).

Activated carbon (“charcoal”): removes VOCs, smoke, cigarette smell, and other noxious odors.

100% virgin (“greige”) cotton, pre-filter: traps large particles, such as dust and debris, as well as fumes, odors, and gasses that may be generated when engraving certain plastics.

Easy to install: The smoke purifier is designed for easy installation and operation by everyone.

Multiple convenient and practical uses: Filter harmful airborne particulates from your laser engraving workspace, and keep your working environment clean. Extract smoke and purify air, removing odors, for improved air quality. Catch and filter soldering fumes; protect yourself from lead, which can be toxic if inhaled.

Quick, convenient positioning. Our flexible, articulated hose enables you to place filters precisely where most effective.
Laser enclosure/shield, compatible with the articulated hose port measuring 100m (3.93”), for easy exhaust. Compatible with all Comgrow laser enclosures and all 3" or 4" air vents.

It is compatible with almost all common diode laser engravers and CO2 laser engraving machines on the market.

Customer Reviews

Based on 39 reviews
Ludek Fabera
Fast and free delivery.

Item desktop engraver laser cutter enclosure delivered exactly as advertised very good quality, would recommend to everybody using desktop engraver cutter laser enclosure diode lasers like A20W laser or X1 D1 laser.

Salvatore Longo
Good 😊

Faster and easier good quality

Muhiddin Hussein
Comgrow Laser Engraver Enclosre

Very quick delivery and great communication. Product as described.

Jill Thomas
Sturdy and portable

This enclosure is sturdy yet portable. It fits perfectly around my laser machine. I am glad I made this purchase.

Good cover and does the job

The cover is good and does what’s supposed to do. Was easy to put together. Only one thing I would change is the opening for ventilation. Since it is on the right side when facing the cover it makes it hard with space configuration… I wish it had an opening on both sides (with the ability to close one of the ventilation openings) to provide better ability in positioning. I had to position the cover sideways which makes it a bit hard and uncomfortable to open the top, but because of space configuration that’s the best way I could use the cover.


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