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Looking to add a personal touch to your gifts, but don't know where to start?




Best Dog Tag Engraving Speed: 25mm/m



【VERSATILE ENGRAVING MODES】Our laser engraving machine offers four different modes to accommodate various DIY crafting needs. The ENGRAVE QUICK MODE is specifically designed to save you time and effort, with its ability to complete tasks in half the time of other machines. This mode is especially effective for sketch pictures or images with many lines. The CARVE MODE is perfect for normal black and white engraving, while the GRAYSCALE MODE offers greater precision and detail, making it ideal for patterns with a color gradient. Our software allows for laser light power to be controlled based on the color gradient, resulting in stunning results.

【BLUETOOTH-ENABLED APP WITH VARIOUS FUNCTIONS】Our laser engraver machine comes with a user-friendly app that can be easily controlled through Bluetooth connectivity. The app includes a detailed user guide to help you get started with the laser engraving tool. It features functions such as text editing, photography, photo album, material library, eraser, and manual resizing. The engraving modes include bitmap engraving, bitmap grayscale engraving, contour cutting, black and white image, grayscale image, and stamp. The machine is compatible with Windows, Android, and iOS operating systems, and the computer software can be used with Mac OS.

【POWERFUL AND COMPACT LASER ENGRAVING MACHINE】 Our laser engraving machine features an original 1600mw laser chip that can be manually focused. The laser head provides a stable output power and can work continuously for over 10,000 hours. With an engraving depth of up to 2mm and an engraving range of 3.8“ x 3.4“, this machine offers precise XY module technology that produces intricate patterns that are resistant to fading. The laser head can be replaced for added convenience. This machine is perfect for engraving on a variety of materials, including cardboard, paper, cloth, wood, metal, and more.

【ENHANCED SAFETY FEATURES】Our laser engraving cutting machine comes with advanced safety features to ensure safe operation. The machine automatically stops working if it tilts over 30 degrees thanks to the built-in gyroscope, preventing any accidents. Once the machine is restored to its position, you can easily continue carving by clicking the app. The machine also includes goggles to protect your eyes from laser light, and the aluminum base prevents it from burning down the bottom of the desktop. You can trust our laser engraving cutting machine for safe and worry-free operation.

 PS. Please tap the Bluetooth link in the miniature engraver APP.





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Lynn Pflepsen
Good intro into lasers

I love my com grow laser. I have found many uses for it. I have made dog tag along with surprising my kids with their names on their pancakes.