Genuine E3D Titan Extruder Kits 1.75mm For Creality CR-10 V2

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Creality Genuine E3D Titan Kits to CR-10 V2 3D Printer,1.75mm Direct Drive Extruder

Titan brings high-performance, lightweight extrusion to everyone! All the benefits of geared extrusion in a lightweight, punchy little package.

01. High Performance

With 3:1 gear reduction, precision milled hobbed gearing and E3D engineering, we’ve developed Titan to push with awesome power, while also being incredibly light and compact.

02. Compact but Powerful Motor

Lightweight and little, but with outstanding torque and resolution. The gear ratio means you’re able to use lighter motors as you’ll need less torque for the same filament pushing force - so direct drive systems have a lighter moving carriage, and Bowden-style printers become powerful and reliable

03. High Speed

Extruders with high gear ratios often struggle with snappy retracts and keeping up with Volcano for big, fast printing. Titan's balanced gearing ratio of 3:1 means that you can cope with fast extrusion situations like Volcano and the lightweight gear-set gives snappy retractions.

How to Assemble Creality Genuine E3D Titan Kits


How to Install Creality Genuine E3D Titan Kits to CR-10 V2


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