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1-Year Official Creality&Comgrow Warranty.



Our refurbished 3D printers are machines that are returned to an online store within 30 days of their initial purchase. These machines have been professionally inspected and are problem-free. This adds more reliability and stability to the machine. In addition, refurbished machines are 15-50% cheaper than brand new machines. These machines are repaired by professionals using genuine parts. All refurbished machines go through an assembly and test printing process. These items may show small marks from previous use, such as scratches, but they do not affect their normal function and have a 1-year warranty.

We also offer pre-sales and post-sales support. If you have questions about your current printer, or just need help deciding which one to purchase, please don't hesitate to ask questions and we'll get back to you as soon as possible.



What are the benefits of buying a refurbished 3D printer?

  • Saving Money:

Buying refurbished means, you’re not paying the full retail price of a brand-new machine. A small amount of use on the printer can equal a nice amount of money saved!

  • You know the printer works well:

Since our refurbished printers are rigorously inspected and tested before they’re re-sold, we know they work great before we find them a new home. We’re confident that you will end up with a machine that is just as good as new.

  • Being resource-conscious:

Purchasing a fully functional refurbished computer means you’re helping to reduce waste and conserve natural resources. Not only will you be purchasing a high-quality printer, we believe that you’ll also feel great knowing you’re helping to protect the planet!

Where do our returned printers come from?

Comgrow’s certified refurbished products come from customer returns.


Why should you buy our products?

These reconditioned 3D printers are the perfect choice for hobbyists, manufacturers, and educators that need high-quality 3D printers at an affordable price. Each of our refurbished 3D printers is fully functional, inspected and certified, and tested by the professionals here at Comgrow. Additionally, our products come with lifetime after-sales support via email or phone. 


Please Note:

1. The package includes the printer only and we do not supply any filament.
2. These printers are 100% genuine Creality 3D products.
3. We offer post-sale tech support for our printers, just like Creality.
4.We support Free-shipping & Tax-Free, support returns, and 365 Days Warranty.

Customer Reviews

Based on 113 reviews
Ryan Sellars
Ender 3 3D printer.

Printer arrived, but some pieces were cut shorter than my last printer.

Kurtis Banish
Creality Ender 3 Pro

I think the company is wonderful. The knob on my Ender 3 Pro display screen seized up and froze after getting the bed trammed. However, that is the product being faulty and is not the fault of Comgrow. I will definitely be purchasing more large-scale printers from them again.

Vincent Mosemann
Great Product

I was very happy with my product, It would be easier with more instructions, but there were plenty of detailed videos on Youtube. Somewhat converned my bed might be warped but further calibrations may be needed on my end to know for sure.

Rhett Goss
I like it!

My Ender 3 S1 arrived within 2 weeks, and nothing was missing. Had it up and printing in 30 minutes. Great job Comgrow!

Extreme! Computers
Great referbed Ender 3 v2. Worked right after assembled from box.

Worked right after assembled from box.Only thing, bed springs were week from over tighting for transport (I'm guessing). But still worked. Sence then have changed to yellow stiff springs and been printing nonstop. Tks


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