Comgrow Creality LD-002H UV Resin 3D Printer



Upgrade UV Light Source Module: 

The Creality LD-002H is equipped with a UV integrated light source, providing improved light transmission. The UV light achieves 8000uw/cm². A consistent UV light source is the most important factor in printing. 


Z-axis Linear Rail:  

The linear rail provides a much stronger structural mechanism for the Z-axis, resulting in better, more refined prints.

Air Filtration System with Activated Carbon: 

Activated carbon can effectively reduce the emission of the odor from resin and is more environmental-friendly.

Easy Leveling System: 

Simply lower the printing platform atop an ordinary piece of paper. Then hand tighten the leveling nut to complete the leaving process.

Powerful Slicer Software: 

The Creality LD-002H resin printer is supported by CHITU BOX software for slicing. CHITU BOX is easy to use, with one-key functions to add a model, adjust supports, model size, etc. 

3.5 Inchi Full-color Touch Screen: 

A simple UI design interface can monitor real-time printing information, is easy to operate, and is user-friendly.

Hi-Res 6.08” 2K monochrome screen: The Creality LD-002H utilizes a 1620*2560 monochrome LCD for layer exposure. Not only does it increases print speed up to 200% or more, but the life of the screen is increased by up to 400%.
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Customer Reviews

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Rob Sheridan
Comgrow Creality LD-002H UV Resin 3D Printer

I am very satisfied with the Creality LD-002H. I am still working on firuring out just how to get the best print. There is a learning curve in the switch from FDM to SLA. It is a little more difficult with the 002H being so new. There is not a lot of information online yet.