The 3DPrintMill,Infinite-Z, Belt 3D Printer-Coming to Kickstarter Soon!

The 3DPrintMill,  Infinite-Z, Belt 3D Printer-Coming to Kickstarter Soon! - Naomi 'SexyCyborg' Wu

Creality's CR-30 More test prints including Mjolnir... - NAK 3D Designs

Product Description

Continuous printing with infinite size:CR-30 supports infinite length printing and continuous printing all day long with 258*200mm.

Batch printing:Circular rolling platform realizes the small batch printing.

New transmission belt:Equipped with a heat resistant belt, it has strong adhesion and long service.

Self-developed silent motherboard:The self-developed silent motherboard has strong anti-interference and low printing noise.

.....More....Coming to Kickstarter Soon! cr-30 3d printercr30 belt 3d printer