Comgrow Air Assist Pump for Z1 & D1-US PLUG 110V

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Cut faster and deeper: Installing an air assist device on the laser engraving machine efficiently disperses smoke and debris generated by the laser. With an air assist module, your laser will be able to cut faster and deeper, increasing efficiency, and saving you time.

Cleaner, smoother cuts: The Comgrow air-assist device precisely directs airflow to rapidly reduce the temperature of your surface material, preventing deformation and discoloration ensuring smooth lines, and clean, high-fidelity patterns.


Low noise, minimal vibration: Rest assured, the air assist module will not disrupt the positioning of the laser head during the laser cutting process. The Comgrow air assist module is precision-manufactured to minimize both noise and vibration, ensuring accuracy.
Adjustable: The volume of air can be adjusted by the knob, as desired, to meet your specific needs.
Protect laser head: Passing air over the laser during use will extend the service life of the laser head.

Stronger compatibility: Comgrow air-assist device can be used with the COMGO Z1 laser/x***l laser. Note: The air compressor requires a (110V) input voltage.




Customer Reviews

Based on 19 reviews
Andy Brohaugh
Air assist

I bought this with my Z1 installed it during assembly with ease.
It works as intended. I can recommend this product

Brian Love
Air assist

Used it 2 rhinestone now works great

William Rentiers
Comgrow Air Assist review

I've had the Comgrow Air Assist for a few weeks now, and it has greatly improved the quality of my laser projects. I would recommend the Comgo Z1 with rotary and air assist to anyone.

Tom Baker
Comgrow Air Assist

The air assist came in the complete package that I ordered with the Z1. Simple to install and works great. It came with a lot of adaptors to hook it up but having the 10 watt Z1, I didn't have to use much of it had it installed in probably less than 5 minutes. The variable speed control is really nice too, that way I can turn it down when engraving and turn it up when cutting.

Juan Carrizales

Comgrow Air Assist Pump for Z1 & D1-US PLUG 110V