Comgrow Filament Dryer Box for PLA,ABS,PETG,TPU,Nylon


If you have rolls of filament that have been sitting out a while or that don't print well. After 6 hours or more in our filament dryer, the filament is printing better than it did when it was brand new.


P.S (the package not include filaments),you can buy here>>4.4LBS Filament

This unit has a very easy-to-use display. Control temp with 2" LCD screen and set a timer.

There are two holes made of smooth and high-temperature resistant Teflonin on the top cover to do so you can use it even while printing.



[2X storage capacity] Compared to most filament dryer boxes on the market, our dehydrators have a larger storage capacity, can hold two filaments less than 70mm (spool MAX. >200mm) in width at the same time, and it doesn't take up desktop space.

[Easy to use] Out of the box and no assembly required. An intuitive digital display and 3 simple touch buttons make your job easier. Dries your filament quickly and effortlessly.

[Dryer and spool holder comnbo]Our filament dryer not only dries the filaments but also allows for the filaments to be dried as they are fed into the 3D printer while in the process of printing. This way, especially for a long and extensive print, the filament will not absorb moisture as it is printing. Keeps the filament nice and dry. It's firm and shiny for parts both small and large.

[Multi-purpose] It can dry PLA, ABS, PETG, TPU, and other common filament types in the market. Suitable for a filament diameter of 1.75/2.85mm. And straightforward with great settings for whatever materials you print with.



Material PC+ABS

Current 4A (MAX)

Output voltage:12V

Product weight 1.1kg

Maximum power:48W

Ambient temperature -9℃~85℃

Input voltage 100V~240V 50/60Hz

Product size 246*175*242mm/9.7*6.9*9.5 inch

Energy-saving: non-working state, 3min without any operation, automatic shutdown


Note: The actual highest heating temperature would be affected by room temperature. Hope your understanding the temperature loss.



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