Comgrow Pack of 10 Mixed Laser Engraver Colored Paper


1. Laser engraving machine special engraving color paper, suitable for attaching engraving materials, exquisite engraving patterns.
    2. There are five colors of blue, gray, black, green, red, and mixed packaging. You can filter the colors according to your preferences.
      3. Size: 26.8cm*8.8cm/10.6*3.4in (length * width), can be cut to size according to different needs.

        4. Engraving colored paper is insoluble in water, anti-corrosion, non-fading and anti-scratch.


        Suitable for laser marking machine types:
        CO2 laser marking machine
        Optical fiber laser marking machine
        Semi-conductor laser marking machine
        UV laser marking machine

        Suitable for material:
        Ceramic (such as toilet, cup dish) plexiglass
        Crystal, jade artificial stone, plastic
        Nonmetallic products such as epoxy acrylic

        Product name: Carved colored paper

        Colored paper engraving method

        Ceramic, glass, stone carving methods

        1. Cut the colored paper to a size slightly larger than the engraved picture, and soak it in water for about three minutes.

        2. Paste the white side of the color layer on the sculpt (the effect will not be good if it is reversed).

        Wrinkle, dry the surface after applying, dry for a few minutes, or dry with a hairdryer

        3. When the carving is completely dry, sculpt, soak the sculpt in water for five minutes, and tear off the colored paper!


        Product Parameter

        Package Dimensions: 12.2 x 8.23 x 3.58 inches
        Model number: Comgrow Laser Paper 10 Packs
        Weight: 13.7 ounces
        Manufacturer: Laser Peper 10 kits

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