Comgrow Metal Smoke Extractor Purifier For Engraving Soldering 40W 24V 5A

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Note: For optimal performance, install fresh filter cartridges after about one month. Replacement periods may vary, depending on use.

Efficient, effective, triple-layered filtration:
HEPA: High-Efficiency: H13-Grade HEPA (MERV16) Filter: remove at least 99.97% of particles with a size of 0.3 microns (µm).

Activated carbon (“charcoal”): removes VOCs, smoke, cigarette smell, and other noxious odors.

100% virgin (“greige”) cotton, pre-filter: traps large particles, such as dust and debris, as well as fumes, odors, and gasses that may be generated when engraving certain plastics.

Easy to install: The smoke air scrubber is designed for easy installation and operation by everyone.

Multiple convenient and practical uses:
  • Filter harmful airborne particulates from your laser engraving workspace, and keep your working environment clean.
  • Extract smoke and purify air, removing odors, for improved air quality.
  • Catch and filter soldering fumes; protect yourself from lead, which can be toxic if inhaled.
  • Quick, convenient positioning. Our flexible, articulated hose enables you to place filters precisely where most effective.
  • Laser enclosure/shield, compatible with the articulated hose port measuring 100m (3.93”), for easy exhaust. Compatible with all Comgrow laser enclosures and all 3" and 4" air vents.

Customer Reviews

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Salvatore Longo
excellent absorber

I use it when I smoke my cigar at home and it is perfect.

Brian Downs
Comgrow Metal Smoke Purifier Absorber

The Comgrow Metal Smoke Purifier Absorber unit is actually quite good for working with soldering equipment and laser diode machines. Its not excessively loud and has a variable speed control. The unit was smaller than I anticipated from online photos but it functions well. The only issue I see is the availability of replacement filters atm. It comes with a couple of adaptors and extraction hoses of different sizes. It is fully compatible with the Comgrow Laser Enclosure Unit which just sits over your Diode Laser Assembly. I am going to be purchasing a second unit soon for my new Laser Diode Machine.


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