SALE Comgrow Aluminum Lightburn Camera with Mounting Arm

Comgrow Laser Lightburn Camera

With Comgrow camera, it is opening so many new possibilities with the laser and lightburn. you can take your laser to new heights.


Position designs with ease

With the Comgrow camera, you can easily set the position of the engraving pattern on the material, eliminating the need for repeated engraving previews.

Batch engraving made simple

Our Comgrow camera can add multiple patterns at once in the Lightburn software and engrave these projects in batches, saving time and streamlining your workflow.

Trace simple images

The camera module can recognize paper with hand-drawn, handwritten, or other simple patterns and engrave these items after extraction, making the creation process much easier.

Excellent compatibility

The Comgrow camera is highly versatile and can be used with most gantry engraving machines thanks to its multi-purpose plate and parts. It's compatible with a wide range of diode lasers, including COMGO, D1, D1 Pro, Ortur, Atomstack, Sculpfun, Neje, and Foxalien. Not compatible with Win 11.

Monitor your laser with ease

Our laser camera provides a real-time viewing window of the engraving, which helps to observe progress and improve safety.

Correct forgotten elements

If you find that you have removed your creation and something is missing, simply place it back into the work area, capture an image with the Comgrow camera, and place the missing elements to perfect your design - even if you have moved or removed the work item entirely.



Weight: 2kg
Height: 450mm/17.22in 
Brackets material: Aluminium
Camera module: 1/3.2inch (8MP camera )
Assembling height: 570mm
Communication line length: 3m


Read the documentation on setting up and using the camera : Documentation



Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
Quick delivery.

The delivery was quick and painless, so was the setup.

Nick Nikkila
Well built

Assembly was straight forward and components are excellent. It probably took all of 20 minutes to set up. I limited my rating to 4-star only because I haven't yet had the chance to use it.

Joshua Henry
Works very well

This does fit XTool D1 Pro

Robert Robb
Well built camera arm.

I tested the camera before assembly of the arm and found it didn't work. I took it to my work bench and gave it a once over but nothing stood out. Having experienced many electronic components from China I know there sometimes are problems with assembly. I took a dental tool and pushed all the wires into the JST connectors and resolved the problem.. I went one step further and hot glued the connectors together and the wires. Less chance of the small components from vibrating apart.
As for the arm structure, it goes together rather straight forward and it built very well. I would say it is almost over engineered for the purpose of holding a small camera. Overall, it should perform very well and last a long time.

Great little camera!

Easy to assemble the stand and quick setup using Lightburn. You do have to get use to viewing the sideways image but after using it a few times, it become natural.