Comgrow Aluminum Laser Lightburn Camera with Mounting Arm for Any Laser

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Comgrow Laser Lightburn Camera

With Comgrow camera, it is opening so many new possibilities with the laser and lightburn.


Position designs on material
With the Comgrow camera, you can freely set the position of the engraving pattern on the material, easily solving the problem of repeated engraving previews.

Batch engraving
Our Comgrow camera can add multiple patterns at once in the lightburn software and engrave these projects in batches.

Tracing Simple Images
The camera module can recognize paper with hand-drawn, handwritten, or other simple patterns and engrave these items after extraction, making creation much easier.

Excellent compatibility
With multi-purpose plate and parts, suitable for most gantry engraving machines.

Monitor your laser
Our laser camera provides a real-time viewing window of the engraving, which helps to observe progress and improve safety. For COMGO, D1, D1 Pro, Ortur, Atomstack, Sculpfun, Neje, Foxalien and most diode lasers.

Help correct forgotten elements
If you find that you have removed your creation and something is missing, just pop it back into the work area, capture an image and place the missing elements to make it perfect even if you have moved the work item or removed it totally from the work area.



Weight: 2kg
Height: 450mm/17.22in 
Brackets material: Aluminium
Camera module: 1/3.2inch (8MP camera )
Assembling height: 570mm
Communication line length: 3m


Read the documentation on setting up and using the camera : Documentation



Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Steve Ouellette
New enclosure and camera

Been very happy with my large enclosure. Assembly was a breeze and the unit is well built. The only drawback is the color of the viewing window. I wish it had been laser filtering but a minor inconvenience. I'd recommend and buy it again in a heartbeat!

Random Bits
Comgrow Camera + Mount

Well made, good value.

Nickolas Castillo
A needed component

Absolutely pleased with this camera and arm... One down side is getting the settings just right but otherwise it gets me close enough to be able to do my runs in a faster and more efficient manner.

Wayne Koehn
Love this camera.

I love this camera. Now that I have it adjusted I can place my work piece to be engraved on and use the overlay feature to place my engraving perfectly on my work piece. I’ve used the camera to place an engraving on a pencil and it came out perfect. And the trace feature is very nice to have. I love this camera and wouldn’t do without it. The quality is amazing, it is very solid! Thanks Comgrow

Adam Scarr
Great addition to my lazer.

Worked through all the alignment in my software program and love the view I get with this camera. I am missing two screws for a bracket piece, but my rails are not as large and unless I change lasers I may need them. Otherwise I am very satisfied.