Replacement/Upgrade Fittings for Creality 3D Printer

If you're looking for any parts and assembly accessories for Creality 3D Printer, we've got a detailed list of items for you! Not included? Please let us know

Product Item(EN) Product Item(CN) Quantity Image Item Code Price
BL Touch five-color cable (for 1284P automatic leveling) BL Touch五色排线(用于1284P自动调平) 1PCS SZ-3DY-WSPX01-1P $7.00 
BL Touch plastic probe BL Touch 探头 2PCS $7.00 
CR-10MAX Hotbed Sticker  CR-10MAX 平台贴纸 2PCS SZ-3DY-PTTZ*2 US $15
CR-10Max Extruder Kits CR-10 MAX喷头套件 1PCS SZ-3DY-PTTJ30-1P US $24
CR-10Max Supporting Rod Set CR-10 MAX拉杆配件包 1PCS SZ-3DY-LGPJB02-1P US $40
CR-10S Pro XE Axis motor line with limit swtich wiring CR-10Spro XE轴电机线加限位线 1PCS SZ-3DY-XWX04-1P $7.00 
CR-10S Pro Z Axis motor line with limit swtich wiring CR-10Spro Z轴电机线加限位线 1PCS SZ-3DY-XWX06-1P $7.00 
CR-10S Pro Y Axis motor line with limit swtich wiring CR-10Spro Y轴电机线加限位线 1PCS SZ-3DY-XWX05-1P $7.00 
CR-10S Pro Filament Detection CR-10S Pro断料检测套件 1PCS SZ-3DY-DLJC01-1P $10.00 
CR-10S Pro Adapter board CR-10S Pro转接板 1PCS SZ-3DY-ZJB01-1P $7.00 
CR-10S Pro Throat CR-10S Pro喉管 2PCS SZ-3DY-HG01-1P*2 $7.00 
CR-10 V2 Extruder Shell CR-10V2喷头前、中、后壳 1PCS SZ-3DY-PTQK-1P
US $15
CR-10 v2 Blower fan CR-10 V2鼓风风扇 1PCS 3DYV2FS2 $7.00 
Ender-5 Plus Filament Detection Ender-5 Plus断料检测器+线 1PCS 3DYE5JCQ
Ender-5 Plus Five-color cable (connect to module) Ender-5 plus五色排线(接模块) 1PCS SZ-3DY-WSPX03-1P $7.00 
Ender-5 Plus Five-color cable (connect to mainboard) Ender-5 plus五色排线(接主板) 1PCS $7.00