If you feel sad, you should see the ocean. If you feel hurt, you should listen to the ocean.

Most people have always thought that environmental issues are far away from us. The place we live is clean and hygienic, the clothes we wear are tidy, and the food we eat is healthy and nutritious.However, the truth is that many human actions have had a non-negligible impact on nature.

The waste generated by human beings in production and life endangers the marine environment and its organisms all the time, bringing them great harm.

As a social enterprise - Comgrow believes that each of us should be responsible for this. Because the Earth is the common home of all, and so is the ocean. As a part of society, we appreciate the benefits that the ocean brings to us, and we will do what we can to protect it.

Although we know that the power of a small group is weak and may not solve the big problems, we are still here to urge everyone to join together to protect the ocean, because protecting the ocean is guarding our future.

Funding Campaign:
$1 Donated = 1 Pound Of Trash Out Of The Ocean -

If you are a maker, if you like to do it yourself, if you order a product from our website using a special coupon code:THANKYOU, we will donate 1% of the sales of that coupon as a second ocean donation.