Q0: I am new to CNC, how should I get guidance?

Answer: You can click here to enter the ROBO CNC guide page.


Q1: I want to try 4-axis engraving, does ROBO CNC support 4-axis engraving?

Answer: At present the main board of cnc engraving machine does not support four-axis engraving, but we have a new four-axis rotary cnc engraving products will be launched, please look forward to


Q2: I would like to know what materials can be engraved by ROBO and what are the corresponding parameters?

Answer: You can click here to get the parameters.


Q3: Can ROBO CNC be used with a 1/4 inch collet?

Answer: We are now standard with 775 spindle motor, motor shaft diameter of 5mm, so our standard collet is 1/8 collet, if you need to use 1/4 collet, you can buy it


Q4: I received my CNC Router, but the spindle motor doesn't have a red dot like the instructions say, nor a "+" or "-" - how can I tell which terminal is which?

Answer: the red dot described in the manual, for the positive pole, you can carefully observe the plastic marking on the spindle motor, the side with + symbol is positive. In addition, you can also connect the spindle motor plug arbitrarily (it will only affect the forward and reverse rotation of the spindle), then reduce the speed of the spindle motor and observe the rotation direction of the spindle shank, if the spindle shank is rotating clockwise, the spindle motor plug is connected correctly. If the spindle shank is rotating counterclockwise, just switch the spindle motor wiring plug to another position.


Q5: I want to get my spindle back to zero, what should I do?

Answer: Our CNC machine does not support one-click zero return, after the CNC machine is connected with Candle, you can move X, Y and Z axes respectively to reach the home position you want the spindle to set on the machine, and then click the XY axis coordinate zero, Z axis coordinate zero, you can set the spindle engraving home point, after the CNC machine is connected with laser rgbl, move XY axis After you reach the home position you want to set, click the home setting button to set the laser head's engraving home position.


Q6: Is there a video tutorial on how to use the software to make a file to run on the CNC?

Answer: Please click here to see the video.