Universal Laser Box for any I3 3D Printer

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Turn your printer into a laser engraver.

You can change the printing and engraving functions at any time. If you want to print, you need to remove the laser box.
Suitable for most I3 structure printers on the market.


Not available for Hbot, Core-xy and dual X/Y axis structured printers

Compatible brands:

Creality:Ender series(not Ender-6,Ender-7), CR series

Anycubic: Mega S,Vyper,Mega Pro,MEGA X

Voxelab Aquila,Voxelab Aquila C2

Artillery Sidewinder SW-X2

Elegoo Neptune 2

Fokoos Odin-5 F3

Longer LK5 Pro


Support software: Lasergrbl and lightburn.
Package including : laser box kit and power supply.



Customer Reviews

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Scott McCoy
Great add-on

I bought this to use with my comgrow 5w laser and ender 3 v2. It works great right out of the box with LaserGRBL. The PWM feature is a must-have if you are doing anything other than cutting at full power, and most 3D printers are not going to be able to support that. The PWM rate coming off the printer's fan controller is not the same as the pwm needed for the laser. This box was all I needed to get that working.


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