Stampante 3D Comgrow Creality CR-10S Pro V2

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Stampante Creality 3D CR-10S Pro V2 con livello automatico BL Touch, touch screen, stampante 3D large build volume 300mmx300mmx400mm con CAPRICORN PTFE

  • BL-TOUCH incluso: Livellamento automatico matrix, dispositivo di livellamento automatico Bill Touch di qualità. E il CR-10 Pro V2 misurerà automaticamente l'altezza di 9 punti unici sul letto riscaldato per determinare le impostazioni ideali per stampe perfette ogni volta.
  • SENSORE SENSIBILE Rilevamento in tempo realeCR-10S Pro V2 ha un nuovo interruttore innovativo di rilevamento della carenza di materiali, anche altamente sensibile per rilevare materiali trasparenti
  • SCHEDA MADRE STABILE E DI ALTA PRECISIONE:The CR-10S Pro V2adotta la scheda madre V2.4.1 sviluppata in modo indipendente, unità ultra-silenziosa TMC a prestazioni stabili 256 per una stampa più fine
  • TOUCH SCREEN HD DIGITALE: e grandi angoli di visualizzazione, stato di stampa, funzioni e impostazione dei parametri sono chiaramente visualizzati, nuova interfaccia utente amichevole, facile da usare e imparare
  • ESTRUSIONE DEL TUBO DI TEFLON E DEGLI INGRANAGGI BONDTECH: Il tubo in teflon blu resistente alle alte temperature importato garantisce un'ottima consistenza di stampa, la struttura di estrusione bondtech gear ha due ingranaggi ad alta densità e una grande forza di estrusione per un'alimentazione fluida

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Customer Reviews

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Alfredo Bernal
Excellent all around

Great price, fast delivery, amazing product, you made a loyal costumer.

Conner Daily
Cr10S Pro V2

I bought this recently on Comgrows' website and my first impressions of the Cr10S Pro V2 were alright. It wasn't a "pull out of the box and It works" type of situation but was more of a "pull out of the box and work on it for 7 hours", but I should've expected that so be prepared to level the printer and double-check the extruder/hot-end. Also, check your beds once you get them because the bed I got was slightly warped, but I still managed to level everything along with the help of different youtube videos on how to properly set it up. If you read up on this product beforehand, then it should be no problem and would recommend it to any beginner who wants to get into 3D printing.

Ian Heathcock
Prints pretty much out of the box

Not my first printer but this one is worlds away from what I’d used before. Easy to put together (6 bolts) and with a little bit of setup, I was printing really quickly.
Prints since have been pretty consistent and the few failures have been down to me rather than the printer. A quick tweak of the settings (really easy to get to with the touchscreen) and it was all great.

Gethin Stevens
Excellent Printer

Printer arrived as scheduled and was easy to assemble. Once adjusted and configured the initial prints were excellent. It's worth getting a magnetic bed for the CR-10 as getting things off the glass bed is hard! Oh, and if you've got an enclosed space into which you're putting the CR-10, the height that you're given for the printer does not include the height of the device with a filament spool on it! You need to add an additional 30cm to the height to take this into account.

These are minor grumbles - it's a well-built machine that works well right out of the box.