Panneau laser en nid d'abeille Comgrow avec plaque en aluminium pour la machine de coupe-graveur


Assiette de coupe en nid d'abeille

La plaque de coupe de peigne au miel laser est un must pour toute personne possédant une machine à gravure et à découper laser. La taille du lit de travail est de 400 * 400 * 22 mm (15,75 * 15,75 * 0,87 pouce) / 600 * 590 * 22 mm (23,6 * 23,2 * 0,87 po.)Pour d1, ortur, sculpfun,Neje, CV-01, D1, D1 Pro, Atomstack, etc.
Il aide à réduire les dommages causés par la fumée sous une planche lors de la coupe du laser.

Nos lits en nid d'abeille laser sont bien protégés contre les dommages au plan de travail. Un tapis en acier inoxydable est placé sous le cadre en nid d'abeille pour protéger la surface de la table du faisceau laser. Permet de très belles coupes propres avec de l'acrylique en bois, du plastique, etc.

Il est compatible avec presque toutes les graveurs laser à diodes communes et les machines de gravure laser CO2 sur le marché.

Customer Reviews

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James Dixon
Works well but I wish I had bought the larger size

Both it and the engraver were 400x400 but I'm new at this. If I had bought the 600x600 then the engraver would sit on the honey pad. As it is, the pad has to be moved around and I've raised the engraver so that the honeycomb pad can be moved to where it needs to go.

Leslie Davis
Honeycomb laser panel

I just really like it!

James Henderson
Honeycomb laser panel

It is the best if you have a laser you need one of these so you don't burn up the board the laser sitting on I love this it works very well...

Eloy B
Great but needs a few changes

Would I recommend it, ABSOLUTELY! Price and features are above average.

Its a magnetic, 8mm spaced bed. So you will be able to use magnetic holders to secure you work as well as the push-in pins that insert into the holes. Just be sure those pins you buy or make are scaled to fit the 8mm holes.

It includes a metallic sheet that goes underneath to protect your waste board from being marked while engraving. However, the bed sits directly on the metal sheet and does not allow for airflow unless you put some separators between the sheet and the bed yourself. I used some MDF scrap square in the corners until I 3D printed legs

Also there is a frame around the edge of the bed so you don't actually have a 400x400 Honeycomb bed its more like 360x360.

Also, the frame sticks up a bit (they all do, though) so if you have the Z1 5W for example and are engraving thin material like Paper or Cardboard, the module may hit the frame during homing.

Dennis Calleja
Honeycomb Laser Panel

Excellent quality and product. Highly recommended.


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