Complete Package:Z1 +Roller+Enclosure+Laser Bed

Laser Power


Compared to Laser Master 2 and ATOMSTACK A5, the Z1 with 5W compression laser head offers greater cutting power, engraving speed, and project accuracy.


It comes as a pre-assembled kit like our ROBO CNC. All you have to do is put four profiles together and start creating neat engraved things in 15 minutes. It's a wonderful tool for a woodworking hobbyist.


Strong Diode Laser
The COMGO Z1 diode laser with LD+FAC that is used is incredibly accurate,80 um laser spot gives a wide range of tint and burn. More powerful laser units are available for cutting or etching plywood, some cloth and etching aluminum, stainless steel. 

Upgrade Unit
With the endless possibilities that the 5W or 10W high-power laser provides, you can engrave directly onto anodized aluminum alloy, mirrored stainless steel, carbon steel, curved moving pictures, glass, and so much more.

Dual Y-axis Motor
The Y-axis is extremely smooth and extremely mobile. Not only provides almost unbelievable speed when engraving but also increases the stability and accuracy of the project.

Fixed Focus
20mm innovative design for setting the adjustable laser height.No need to put your finger on the laser and adjust the focus, just loosen the adjusting drew on the side and place the height bock on top of the surface that is going to be engraved lower the laser and tighten the thumbscrew and your all set.

Support Expansion
This device allows you to upgrade Our rotary roller. Perfect for engraving tumblers and cylindrical objects! It has a stable design for multiple diameters. Spacing between the two rotary axes ranges from 17mm/6.6" to 33mm 1.2".You can engrave almost the same travel size as the machine.



Customer Reviews

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J. Cartmill
Great value

This package is a great beginner value. Everything needed to get started. Still learning but enjoying.
The instructions could be a little more informative and I wish the legs were adjustable.


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