Impresoras de creality usadas de Amazon Return- [sin reembolso/retorno]

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Comprar creality impresoras restauradas con una garantía de 1 año


Notas de embalaje: Para garantizar la entrega segura de nuestros productos, reempaquemos máquinas individuales, pero garantizamos que serán máquinas de creación originales.

1. Este artículo es 100% de impresoras 3D genuinas creality.

2. Solo ofrecemos soporte tecnológico posterior a la venta.

3.No aceptamos devoluciones. Note por favor.

4. Todas estas máquinas son devueltas por los clientes de Comgrow Amazon. La condición de la máquina puede ser de caja abierta, usado, signos de uso / piezas faltantes, etc. Esto incluye, pero no se limita a boquillas obstruidas, semilleros rayados, perfiles rayados, pantallas manchadas, etc. Piense dos veces antes de comprar.

5. Si es bueno para jugar con proyectos, puede comprar estas máquinas para volver a ventilar o construir una granja impresa.

6. No ofrecemos soporte de reemplazo y devolución de piezas para estas impresoras. Esto significa que no hay garantía en estas máquinas. Porque creemos que puede encontrar piezas de repuesto de las máquinas compradas o Amazon.

7. Estamos buscando compradores de impresoras usadas a granel en Canadá, contáctenos si está interesado en este proyecto de cooperación a largo plazo. Envíanos un correo electrónicoPedidos canadienses enviados en 1-2 semanas

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 145 reviews
    Jonathan Geiger
    A definitive advantage

    I have ordered more than 20 return and refurb machines from comgrow, and the vast majority were in essentially like new condition. I have yet to encounter a problem that cannot be solved with less than 30 dollars in spare parts

    This is an excellent product and a great opportunity to grow your print farm at a low cost. I had issues with silver hot ends with my large order, and comgrow made it right the instant I reached out to them. Considering the value and customer service, you would be silly to shop elsewhere for creality machines

    Al Williams
    Some gambles pay off.

    Nicely packed. 1) CPU board needed to be flashed. 2) no SD card. 3) printer bed had been used but not disturbingly so. 4) The bed needed tightening which is an unusual. 5) spool holder nut was missing as well as one bolt to hold the spool holder. I was able to 3D print the nut. So in the end of very good deal. Some minor scuffs on the extrusion but just cosmetic. Good deal for a really nice printer.

    Rodger Yoder
    The printer works great (Now)

    I purchased a used Ender 3 S1 and based on the condition that it arrived in there is no way that it was tested before it was shipped out. Almost every eccentric nut was loose to the point that the Hot end was almost falling off of the printer. It also arrived with no firmware loaded and tech support was of no help at all. I used YouTube and Google to figure out how to fix it myself. The printer works great (now). All of that being said I will not hesitate to purchase another Refurbished printer from

    Great value!

    Came quickly and once assembled and repaired everything worked fine. There were a few broken wires, a few missing parts, and it was COMPLETELY disassembled. A few extra parts as well but still not a complete printer. Was about 50$ USD in parts though so still a great deal! Not for bigginers but if you know.your way around an Ender 3, order one.

    Ender 3's

    I bought. 2 returned E3 machines because I've read how some people have received machines with broken/missing parts. With 2 I figured if I received those kind of machine's, I should have enough parts to make at least 1 good machine. I haven't assembled either machine yet, but I did open the boxes. 1 was poorly packaged and 1 was packaged like it was never out of the box and basically looked new, but everything was there in both machines. I looked over the parts for both machines and couldn't find anything wrong/bent/stripped or otherwise damaged. I haven't checked the electronics yet but when I do I'll update this post.
    So far it looks like a good deal for the price. Should point out that I had a couple of coupons that really lowered the actual cost and free shipping is icing on the cake.

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