Low Odor UV-Curing Resin liquid for LCD/DLP 3d printers


- Odorless 3D printer resin. Creality 3D printer resin has no odor or taste, making it comfortable and safe for you to use or touch.

- Fast prototyping and great stability. Creality 405nm Rapid 3D Printer Resin was developed based on its excellent flowability to reduce molding time. At the same time, its excellent stability, proper hardness, and strong adhesion ensure a higher print success rate, saving you time and reducing waste.

- Bright and pure colors: Creality LCD UV curing resin is made with high-quality pigments to ensure pure and bright color effects.

- Safe Packaging. Fully packed in a leak-proof aluminum bottle with plastic bubble bag outside and beautifully designed box.


Basic Parameter

Density: 1.05-1.13g/cm3(Densitometer  25°C)

Assimilate waveband: 355-410nm

Storage: Sealed storage in a light-shielded place at room temperature

Viscosity: 100-150mpa·s (NDJ-8s rotary viscometer  25°C)

Guarantee: 1 year



1, This is disposable and can't be used repeatedly.

2, This material shouldn't be touched with eyes, skin, or clothing and shouldn't be tasted. Use it only in good ventilation and take protective measures. Wash thoroughly after the operation.

3, It is a liquid product with less odor and avoids infection after inhalation. Please wear a mask when using it.

4, It has to be sealed in a dry and ventilated container after use. Do not expose to the sun.

5, Relocate and hospitalized immediately if inhaled by accident.

6, Wash your skin with soap or hospitalized if touching the skin by accident.

7, If accidentally touching your eyes, open your eyelids, and rinse with soapy water for about 20 minutes, and hospitalized immediately.

8, If accidentally inhaled or swallowed, do not induce vomiting, stay calm, and hospitalized in time.

9, Disposal of waste is in accordance with local environmental regulations.
Quick Curing & Excellent Fluidity for LCD 3D Printing


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