Creality CR Touch con una sonda de metal para la serie Ender

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Creality cr touch con una sonda de metal

¿Qué es el toque de los recursos de China?

CR Touch, Snaping Creality se asiente para impresoras 3D, en comparación con la nivelación automática tradicional.Compatible con más plataformas de impresoras 3D, más estables y costos.
El CR Tuuch se actualiza a una sonda de metal, reduciendo el desgaste y extendiendo enormemente la vida útil.
descargarPrograma CR Touch, Luego cópielo a la tarjeta TF/SD.Póngalo directamente en la ranura de la tarjeta de la impresora 3D.Puede actualizar el programa después de llamar. 


Amplia compatibilidad:

✔Serie Ender: Ender-3/Ender-3 Pro/Ender-3 V2/Ender-3 Max/Ender-5/Ender-5 Pro
Serie CR: CR-10
Aplicable a 32 -bit4.2 Impresora 3D.2/4.2.7Placa base.  


¿cómo instalar?

Toque creativo de CR

Guía de instalación del kit de configuración automática CR Tuuch


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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Works great

Bought the CR Touch over the BL because of the metal probe. Installs easily and works great.

Nathan Smiley
Auto bed leveling

These auto bed leveling devices when calibrated in the software correctly work excellent.

Gary Smith
It may be a great probe, just not sure yet.

It seems to work fine, but after the firmware update to use it, I am having a tough time getting the Z-axis offset correct, but that is more likely a use issues than hardware.

Preston Mcknight
best thing ever

iv recently gotten into 3d printing and absolutely love this made the process so easy and super simple to install took me less than 10 min from power down to power on

Richard Howorth
Works well and easy to fit

I really cannot add more. It works as advertised and has fixed my adhesion issues with the Ender 3 Max

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