Impresora 3D Comgrow Creality CR-10S Pro V2

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Creality Impresora 3D CR-10S Pro V2 con BL Touch Auto-Level, Pantalla táctil, Gran Volumen de Construcción Impresora 3D 300mmx300mmx400mm con Capricorn PTFE

  • BL-TOUCH Incluido: Nivelación automática de matriz, dispositivo de nivelación automática Bill Touch de calidad. Y el CR-10 Pro V2 medirá automáticamente la altura de 9 puntos únicos en la cama climatizada para determinar los ajustes ideales para impresiones perfectas cada vez.
  • SENSOR SENSIBLE Detección en tiempo realCR-10S Pro V2 tiene un interruptor innovador de detección de escasez de materiales recientemente añadido, incluso altamente sensible para detectar materiales transparentes
  • PLACA BASE ESTABLE Y DE ALTA PRECISIÓN:El CR-10S Pro V2adopta la placa base V2.4.1 desarrollada independientemente de rendimiento estable TMC ultra-quiet drive 256 subdivisión para una impresión más fina
  • PANTALLA TÁCTIL DIGITAL HD: y se muestran claramente grandes ángulos de visión, estado de impresión, funciones y configuración de parámetros, nueva interfaz de usuario amigable, fácil de usar y aprender
  • EXTRUSIÓN DE TUBO DE TEFLÓN Y ENGRANAJE BONDTECH: El tubo teflón azul importado resistente a altas temperaturas garantiza una gran textura de impresión, la estructura de extrusión Bondtech Gear tiene dos engranajes de alta densidad y una gran fuerza de extrusión para una alimentación suave

CR-10S Pro V2CR-10S Pro V2CR-10S Pro V2CR-10S Pro V2CR-10S Pro V2CR-10S Pro V2CR-10S Pro V2CR-10S Pro V2CR-10S Pro V2CR-10S Pro V2CR-10S Pro V2CR-10S Pro V2CR-10S Pro V2CR-10S Pro V2CR-10S Pro V2CR-10S Pro V2

Customer Reviews

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Alfredo Bernal
Excellent all around

Great price, fast delivery, amazing product, you made a loyal costumer.

Conner Daily
Cr10S Pro V2

I bought this recently on Comgrows' website and my first impressions of the Cr10S Pro V2 were alright. It wasn't a "pull out of the box and It works" type of situation but was more of a "pull out of the box and work on it for 7 hours", but I should've expected that so be prepared to level the printer and double-check the extruder/hot-end. Also, check your beds once you get them because the bed I got was slightly warped, but I still managed to level everything along with the help of different youtube videos on how to properly set it up. If you read up on this product beforehand, then it should be no problem and would recommend it to any beginner who wants to get into 3D printing.

Ian Heathcock
Prints pretty much out of the box

Not my first printer but this one is worlds away from what I’d used before. Easy to put together (6 bolts) and with a little bit of setup, I was printing really quickly.
Prints since have been pretty consistent and the few failures have been down to me rather than the printer. A quick tweak of the settings (really easy to get to with the touchscreen) and it was all great.

Gethin Stevens
Excellent Printer

Printer arrived as scheduled and was easy to assemble. Once adjusted and configured the initial prints were excellent. It's worth getting a magnetic bed for the CR-10 as getting things off the glass bed is hard! Oh, and if you've got an enclosed space into which you're putting the CR-10, the height that you're given for the printer does not include the height of the device with a filament spool on it! You need to add an additional 30cm to the height to take this into account.

These are minor grumbles - it's a well-built machine that works well right out of the box.

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