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Used Ender-3/Ender 3 Pro [No Refund/Return]

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Packing Notes:In order to ensure the safe delivery of our products, we repackage individual machines, but we guarantee that they will be original Creality machines.

1. This item is 100% Creality Genuine 3D Printers.

2. We only offer after-sale technology support.

3.We don't accept returns. please notice.

4. These machines are all returned by Comgrow Amazon customers. The condition of the machine may be open box, used, signs of use / missing parts, etc. This includes, but is not limited to, clogged nozzles, scratched hotbeds, scratched profiles, spotted displays, etc. Please think twice before purchasing.

5. If you are good at tinkering with projects, you can purchase these machines for re-selling or building a print farm.

6. We do not offer parts replacement and return support for these printers. This means there is no warranty on these machines. Because we believe that you can find replacement parts from the purchased machines or Amazon.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 7 reviews
    Lindsay McCart
    Perfect for the price

    Honestly I bought it taking a gamble. Knowing that I might possibly be needing to do some tinkering with it but honestly was a great purchase! Just needed a new limit switch. And I don’t mind the cosmetic scratches. Works great!

    James Hookham
    Good Buy

    It's came in and went through the kit. found only 2 screws missing that were easily replaced. my son put it together and we were test printing in no time.

    Sam Wang
    Almost complete

    The box came perfect, every part was there but after assembly the stepper motor did not work. After investigating, turns out the motherboard was broken, had to upgrade it in order to get the printer up and running. So far it’s great just that one minor component

    Mirko Holländer
    Bin sehr überrascht, alles neu und ungenutzt.

    Der Ender 3 Kamm gut verpackt an.
    Alles ungenutzt und neuwertig.
    Nur die SD Karte fehlte.
    Aber das ist zu verschmerzen bei dem Preis.

    Ich würde noch einen Pro holen wenn ich noch Platz hätte 😁.

    Dawid Kobus

    All worka