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Comgrow Honeycomb Laser Bed with Aluminum Plate For Engraver Cutter Machine


The laser honeycomb cutting plate is a must for anyone who owns a laser engraving and cutting machine. The size of the work bed is 400*400*22mm(15.75*15.75*0.87inch).

It helps reduce the smoke damage underneath a plank when laser cutting.

Our laser honeycomb beds are well protected against damage to the worktop. A stainless steel mat is placed under the honeycomb frame to protect the table surface from the laser beam. Allows very nice clean cuts with wood acrylic, plastic, etc.

It is compatible with almost all common diode laser engravers and CO2 laser engraving machines on the market.

Customer Reviews

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Happy as a Clam

It took awhile to get here from overseas but I was aware and prepared for that. Really impressed that it got here at all given the current political climate on our little planet. So, Thank You! Comgrow and all of the other folks involved in moving goods around the world! On to the "Comgrow Honeycomb Laser Bed For Engraver Cutter Machine". Very pleased! Much heavier gauge than I expected with a well fitted steal frame around it. There are also 4 rods running through the grid to maintain a flat and level grid across the span. Huge bonus is a fitted aluminum tray to go beneath the honeycomb grid to protect your work bed from damage when through-cutting and to catch small cut pieces that fall through the grid. I'll be adding some spacers between the grid and the tray to allow some airflow beneath the grid to assist in smoke removal. Won't need to lift it much and will probably use some magnets under each corner. All in all, really pleased! Excellent product for the price.