Comgrow ROBO 3018 CNC Router Milling Machine


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10W laser head shipped by DHL Express from China


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The 3018 ROBO CNC Router has an effective engraving area of 300*180*45 mm (11.8*7.1*1.8 inches). The Pro CNC engraver can be used with aluminum, wood, acrylic, PCB, TPR, etc. Supports engraving types: relief engraving, cut out and cutting.

It comes as a pre-assembled kit but is easily and quickly assembled even for beginners with a bit of skill. The sturdy casting aluminum frame ensures a secure hold during the engraving process and precise engraving details. In addition, the Z-probe allows you to start using the CNC within a short time after assembly.



1. Pre-Assembled: Do the unboxing and lock six screws.

2. Dual CNC Mode: For milling a more comprehensive range of materials.

3. XYZ Axis Limit Switches & Emergency Stop Control: Avoid damage to the machine and workpiece.

4. Sturdy Structure: Premium Aluminum alloy makes the machine durable and stable to work on.

5. Off-line Controller: Easy to operate CNC without connecting to a computer to view readings visually.

6. Safe Barrier: Prevents dust and debris kicked up during the engraving process, making cleanup easier.



All-Metal Gantry
The use of a 16 mm all-aluminum frame and thickened gantry makes the machine more stable when working to have a more high-precision project.

Beginner Friendly
Pre-assembled bed and gantry units. You need to put them together and tighten the six screws. After that, anyone who can assemble home improvement shelves can work without difficulty.

Offline Module Control
Supports operating without PC, transfer files to an SD card, you may begin creating.

Strong Spindle Design
775 spindle DC motor is powerful for most engraving and PCB milling applications.

Safe Limit Switch
Fast responding limit switches ensure that the CNC router operates in its working area. They are designed to provide that you do not accidentally send commands to the machine that would damage it and work perfectly.

The start and stop switch prevents motor overload, and the emergency button stops everything in case of an error.


Package includes:


Milling Bits*10

CNC Router*1

Set includes router head, laser head, and glass.

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