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Comgrow 20-Watt Laser Module

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High-power laser module
Comgrow 20-watt optical output laser module. This laser module is capable of cutting 15-20mm Ppne wood in one pass.

Beam-compressed spot technology
The module utilizes 4 laser beams that are combined into a 20W beam. Quadruple compression spot light coupling technology makes the engraving and cutting more powerful and precise. The thinner beam and longer effective energy range enhance cutting ability. The spot is compressed to 0.08mm*0.08mm, resulting in detailed & vivid engraving and better clarity for images. This laser module can even cut 0.1mm stainless steel sheets.

Professional air assist & heat dissipation design
This laser module with air assist helps to keep material edges clean when cutting by reducing the discoloring. It also aids in clarity of engraves by removing particulates from the engraving surface. It can increase laser cutter efficiency to save time and improve appearance of the workpiece.

High compatibility
Multi-hole position on the back of laser engraver module, easy to install on different laser cutting and engraving machine frames including Z1, D1, D1 Pro, Laser Master 2/2 Pro . The package includes an adapter that is compatible with different voltages and pins between the machine and the module.

International safety-certified adapters
Our adapters and laser modules have received several safety certifications such as FCC FDA CE ROHS, which indicates our strict requirements for high quality and safety.



Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Robert Hassell
Fantastic upgrade

This laser module brings a huge boost in performance to the Comgrow Z1. Cutting and engraving are both vastly improved. It's much faster now, so you can gt more work done. It is a fantastic unit, that being said, the larger size does reduce the work surface area. I do really like the laser.

Charles Lenz

I haven’t installed it as of yet, so no review until I’ve used it for a period of time.

Charles Burleson
Works great

As with anything there is a learning curve but not that large. Within 2 days I had made a 3 layer clock, a four layer flag with eagle and multiple Christmas ornaments

Jeffrey Rice
Great Module

If using on Z1 minor modifications will be necessary like moving limit switch on y-axis and adding a spacer for x-axis that is if you still plan on using home option.
Unit works great cuts and engraved great.

Chad Sunderland
Exceeds expectations

I am very happy with the 20w module. It works beautifully on my Xtool D1 and outperforms the Xtool 10w in every way!