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Testing of the Mini Laser Comgrow

Απρίλιος 13, 2021 0 Σχόλια:

I ordered a few weeks ago the Mini laser from Comgrow. I already own a laser from Atomstack (the A5) but this one is very imposing and requires a connection to the PC. What I liked about this one is its compact size and the fact that it works with an application on the smartphone.


The set arrives in a small box well protected by foam. We find the laser engraver, the 4 feet, the charger, the USB cable, the protective glasses and at the bottom of the box several materials to engrave.
The assembly

The assembly

The assembly is very simple, just clip the two feet and connect the laser to a power outlet via its adapter.

There is no switch, as soon as you plug it in, the laser is on. Of course it is not in "engraving" mode, so the beam is "harmless". However, as it is a laser, it goes without saying that you should avoid pointing it at your eyes and looking at it for too long. 

Settings and start-up

First, the focus must be adjusted. For this the lens has a wheel that will allow to refine the beam. The finer it is, the better the engraving/cutting will be. Use the small black strip provided to adjust the laser focus.

Utilisation : 
Use: You will need to download the "Blue Laser" application on your smartphone. Once installed, remember to activate the Bluetooth if it is turned off.

Launch the application and connect the mini laser. This one will appear on the application, you will just have to click on it to connect it.

You are now on the management interface. Several solutions are available to you:

  1. Open an image from your library
  2. Write text
  3. Take a picture with your phone
  4. Create a QR Code
  5. Create a barcode
  6. View ready to burn/cut templates

We will start with the simplest: to engrave a text (button Writing Board). Basically you arrive on a small interface that allows you to write text and layout it easily. You can change the size, the orientation of the text and the font.

Once finished you have to send the file to the mini engraver via the button on the top right "Sent".

When the file has been sent, we get a page asking us what type of material we are going to engrave/cut (Material tab above the sliders).

Of course, we can modify the power, engraving speed and preview speed ourselves.



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