Comgrow Creality Ender-3 V2 3D Drucker

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BLtouch Auto-Leveling für Ender-3/Ender-3 V2.

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Parameter des Produkts Endor-3 V2 im Kombibereich 1600;

Modell des Druckers Ender-3 V2
Modellierung der Technologie FDM
Größe des Druckens 220*220*250mm
Größe der Maschine 475*470*620mm
Gewicht der Verpackung 9,6kg
Filament 1.75mm PLA/TPU/ABS/PETG
32-Bit stilles Motherboard
Bildschirm Bildschirm mit Vollfarbe
Plattform drucken
Carborundum Glass Platform
Elektrische Energieversorgung 350W mittlere Stromversorgung



Einfache Montage: Alle schwer zu montierenden Teile vorkonfektioniert.Der Rest wird entweder mit den mitgelieferten Werkzeugen (Hex-Schlüssel) oder einem Hex-Schraubenzieher zusammengebaut.

Silent Motherboard: Dieses Ender 3 V2 verfügt über eine selbstentwickelte, leise Motherboard, die eine stärkere Anti-Interferenz, eine schnellere und stabilere Bewegungsleistung, einen stillen Druck und einen geringen Dezibel-Betrieb aufweist.Die Einheit ist ziemlich still, bis auf den Ventilator.

Carborundum Glass Platform: Aktivieren Sie die Wärmeheizung schneller und die Abdrücke haften besser ohne Verzweigung.Die Plattenhaftung ist stark und macht die erste Schicht ultraglatt.

Müheloses Aufkommen des Filaments: Ender-3 V2 fügt einen Drehknopf auf dem Extruder hinzu, was das Laden und Zuführen von Filamenten viel einfacher macht; brandneues Bedien-UI-System und 4.3"smart color screen verbessern die Benutzererfahrung erheblich.

Zertifizierte mittlere Stromversorgung von UL für Sicherheit: Creality Ender 3 V2 mit MeanWell Netzteil ausgestattet, hergestellt von der börsennotierten Firma mit ausgereifter Technologie, die alle Anforderungen an schnelle Heizung und Langzeitdruck erfüllt.Außerdem ist die Stromversorgung in der Maschine versteckt, was sie viel sicherer macht.

    Inhalt des Pakets:

    • 1 x Creality3D Drucker 3 V2 Drucker
    • 1 x Toolkit
    • 1 x Filamentprobe
    • 1 x Instruction Manual (Englisch)"


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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 12 reviews
    Great Printer in Perfect condition

    We ordered our new printer on a Wednesday, it arrived on the following Tuesday. It was easy to assemble and it working great! We are so happy with our purchase. I'm sure we'll be back to buy more printers from Comgrow in the future.


    Fast shipping and love the printer

    Still imperfect, still brilliant

    Like the Ender 3 V1 (and doubtless the V3 which is closing on release as I write this) this is a classic beginners or small-print-shop machine. Highly configurable thanks to fully open source Marlin software and plenty quick thanks to the 32-bit board. Steppers are whisper quiet but the fans are still (as with the V1) stupidly loud. It's an easy fix of course but honestly, I'm surprised this wasn't addressed as most of the design flaws already have been.

    I added a BL-Touch to mine because while the glass bed is about as flat an unfortunate skunk on the highway, the carriage isn't necessarily that easy to level - the old "post-it" trick is only as good as a the person dragging the post-it under the head. You could use a feeler gauge for more accuracy but ultimately this is down to skill and practise.

    Some YouTubers like CHEP have devised more accurate methods to do this because that first layer, which relies entirely on the accuracy of the bed level will make or break a printed part, sometimes literally if adhesion gives up some way up leaving you with (at best) spaghetti and at worst, a potential fire hazard. Neither option is useful. The same applies to all 3D printers but the slightly weak springs (which can be upgraded with stronger ones or even rubber dampers) make this a bit more likely.

    Others have noted the angle of the screen can make it difficult to read under some circumstances but this hasn’t affected me to date, although I don’t tend to use it much, preferring Octoprint running on a RPI-3 – although the position of the USB port on the front makes that a little awkward – I can see another mod in this machines non-too-distant future to fix that one.

    But enough of the blah-blah-blah. How does it print?

    So far? Brilliantly, but a lot does depend on the quality of the PLA or PETG you’re using. PETG is probably best avoided because that beautiful glass bed isn’t just easy to scratch (even with the provided spatula, tsk!) but it PETG is notorious for virtually welding itself to … well, almost anything except painter’s tape (which is expensive) and stick glue which can make your prints a little uneven.

    Good quality PLA, running at the right temperature (temp towers in CURA help enormously here) can make for prints that even the experts find difficult to separate from those done on machines costing 5x as much! Now that’s saying something – but YMMV – as mine did when I through some ageing, PLA that had been sat in a draw for a few months at it. Less said about that the better.

    But overall, I’d buy another one of these without a second thought. Even without the upgrades (which are optional and come with the law of diminishing returns) this is a superb machine for beginners or even experts because at the price, the design and build quality is hard to beat. But please, for the sake of my ears Creality, use some better fans!

    All good so far

    Ordering was simple and was delivered in a few days. Ordered Ender 3 v2 on Sunday afternoon and was delivered Thursday. And for a very competitive price. It took me a while to build, but following the instructions and videos I got there. There was a getting the x gantry level, but YouTube is your friend. Take your time watch endless install videos and you'll get there

    Great price. Fast shipping. Well packed. What more can you ask for?!

    Thanks guys. The whole experience was just simple and fast. What more is there to say? The Ender 3 V2 is a great beginner printer and fixed so many little things of an already great Ender 3 printer. If you're looking for a great first printer, look no further. If you're looking for a 2nd affordable printer, look no further. If you've already got 10 printers, and just want to add an easy to use, hassle free printer, look no further. "Building" it was a breeze. Most of it was already put together. This was BY FAR the easiest printer I've built yet. I used the quotes because it is more of a quick assembly than it is a build. There are many YouTube videos that will walk you through the build too. If I had to nitpick, it would be that it doesn't come with auto bed levelling. The big knobs are easy enough to turn, and once it's level, you don't have to do too much. It would have just been a nice touch to not have to be so meticulous about bed levelling, but again, not a big deal. The new Carborundum Glass bed is amazing. Print stuck to the bed no problem when printing, and when the bed cooled down, it just came right off, didn't have to yank or peel it. Amazing! So far so good, loving it!