Comgrow Mini Laser Engraver DIY Desktop Engraving Tool

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Looking to add a personal touch to gifts, but don’t know how to go about doing it? 

This season, amaze your friends and family with custom gifts made from this DIY Micro Laser Engraver! Join Facebook Group to learn more.

【Easy to carry】
This little laser cutter engraver weighs less than 2.0 pounds. You can easily carry it in your travel bag & use it whenever your inspiration kicks in.

【Easy to use】
Attach Device, focus the laser, Open the picture, Preview Position, Start. Works via your smartphone with the mini laser engraving machine APP. The APP  [Mini Laser Engraving Machine]. can read JPG, BMP (24bit), TIFF, PNG (below 32bit), file formats, etc.

Unleash your creativity & engrave names on your cell phone cases, reproduce pictures on customized gifts, business cards, wallets…just name it!

Now, customize your leather wallets, coasters, phone cases, jeans, and more!

Materials that can be used: all opaque, no flame retardant organic materials.
For example woodblock, colored paper, bamboo board, flannel, leather, PLA, alumina pet tag and other materials. You can also use colored paper/gold powder to cover the surface of glass, ceramic, metal and other objects, leaving patterns after carving Content and color of colored paper. It can also cut softer sheet-shaped materials, such as paper, veneer, non-woven fabric, cloth, and other materials.

Materials that can`t be engraved: All materials that cannot be burned, such as: metal (without paint coating), flame-retardant materials, transparent plastics, mirrored objects, and highly reflective objects.


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Good intro into lasers

I love my com grow laser. I have found many uses for it. I have made dog tag along with surprising my kids with their names on their pancakes.