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Buy Creality refurbished Printers with a 1-Year Warranty

Packing Notes: To ensure the safe delivery of our products, we repackage individual machines, but we guarantee that they will be original Creality machines.

1. This item is 100% Creality Genuine 3D Printers. 

2. We only offer after-sale technology support.

3.We do not accept returns. Please note.

4. These machines are all returned by Comgrow Amazon customers. The condition of the machine may be open box, used, show signs of use, missing parts, etc. This includes, but is not limited to, clogged nozzles, scratched hotbeds, scratched profiles, and spotted displays. Please consider carefully before purchasing.

5. If you are skilled at tinkering with projects, you can purchase these machines for resale or building a print farm.

6. We do not offer parts replacement or return support for these printers. This means there is no warranty on these machines. We believe that you can find replacement parts from the purchased machines or Amazon.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 121 reviews
    I will be purchasing again

    The printer was obviously used, but nearly everything was there. All I had to do was replace one little switch. I am very pleased and will purchase again

    Michael Carfi
    Can't beat them for the price.

    Received a complete and functional printer. Can't beat it for the price.

    Well it was better then i expected

    Everyone's experience will be different. Mine was packaged with peanuts everything lose. Missing somethings but 95% was there. All major. Plus you might have to diagnose the reason they returned it. Def a gamble or parts. Worth the print as long the major components arrive.

    Ben C.
    Fixer upper but works fine

    After doing lots of research about these, I decided to take the risk and try it. I must have gotten lucky because the only things that were wrong were missing feet a bent bracket and a few other small things. Overall my experiences were Pretty good.

    Jeff Huseby
    Good way to build a low cost printer

    Product was as described. Printer was in great condition, the original owner did not know how to put it together


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