left side view of comgrow 20W silver laser module

Comgrow 20-Watt Laser Module

Introducing the Comgrow 20-watt optical output laser module - a high-power laser that can cut through 15-20mm pine wood in a single pass.

This laser module utilizes beam-compressed spot technology, combining four laser beams into a powerful and precise 20W beam. The quadruple compression spot light coupling technology enables more effective cutting and engraving, while the thinner beam and longer effective energy range enhance its cutting ability. The spot is compressed to 0.08mm x 0.08mm, resulting in detailed and vivid engraving and better clarity for images. This laser module can even cut through 0.1mm stainless steel sheets.

Designed with professional air assist and heat dissipation features, this laser module helps keep material edges clean during cutting by reducing discoloration. It also improves clarity of engravings by removing particulates from the engraving surface, increasing the laser cutter's efficiency to save time and improve the appearance of the workpiece.

With multi-hole positioning on the back of the laser engraver module, it's easy to install on different laser cutting and engraving machine frames including Z1, D1, D1 Pro, Laser Master 2/2 Pro.The package includes an adapter that is compatible with different voltages and pins between the machine and the module, making it highly versatile.

Our adapters and laser modules have received several international safety certifications, including FCC, FDA, CE, and ROHS. These certifications demonstrate our strict requirements for high quality and safety, ensuring that our customers can trust in the reliability of our products.



Customer Reviews

Based on 14 reviews
Addon to my OLM3!

I got this since Ortur can't get their stuff together. I needed more power on my stretched frame. They cant get their 20w to market so we wanted to improve our laser and this was it! Installed in minutes, very easy to follow and works beautifully! No more lack of power for cutting and has not changed anything on my engraves. In fact, it helped me do better inlays since it had more power. Thank you comgrow for saving my frame!

Eric Einsmann
Nice, powerful laser

Great laser module! Powerful and fast! The limit switches need to be adjusted when it is installed on the Comgo Z1. The Y axis was easy, but it would have been nice if a block of plastic was included to make adjusting the X axis easier. I don't really care for the little plastic windows and metal guard at the bottom. I much prefer the removable plastic shield. I really like the focus bracket! It makes it MUCH easier to adjust the laser. Comgrow should really consider offering one for sale for other Z1 users with 5w or 10w lasers

Randall Bevington
20 watts Comgro Laser

I had my LM3 for about a month when I saw this upgrade. So far it's great. Installed in 10 minutes. Build quality is level III Solid. At about 2mm a sec it blasts through 3mm ply. Don't know speed yet just got it. But the 10 watt is still a great back up. If they go on sale buy two.

Dennis williams
Comgrow 20 watt

So far, everything is great. The module attached to my OLM2 se perfectly, I just can't use the homing feature. I'm still working on all the settings. Using this to cut material is much faster, but engraving is pretty much the same.

Bernie Peine
Great deal for 20-watt laser

I do a lot of special wood cutting and bought this 20-watt laser upgrade to my Comgrow z1. I was thinking about buying it and just kept putting it off and then saw the 10% discount and finally pulled the trigger. I works great and meets all of my wood cutting and engraving needs.