Naomi Review Compact Laser Engraver Under $200

January 15, 2021 0 Comments

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Hello everyone!I‘m Naomi.Today I have this portable laser engraver to show you. As you know from my past videos, I'm not a fan of small laser engravers, because I usually don’t think they’re safe enough, but last year there were some improvements and I think I can show you this one with the understanding that it absolutely cannot be used without adult supervision.

The worst that can happen to a 3D printer is a small burn, but a laser diode can cause permanent damage to your eyes even with safety glasses, so we're talking about a completely different risk class. With that said, I like this little unit because it quickly connects with your cell phone and is perfect for artisans.

Let me show you how it works.See the laser diode that shoots directly at the metal plate? I downloaded this app called [Mini Laser Engraver]. And I turned on my Bluetooth.

First, I'm going to write it on paper. Because the Chinese New Year is coming, so I think that I'm going to write Happy Chinese New Year and then record it to see how it looks. So first I click on the blackboard and there is a section to add text here,and then I'm going to type in Chinese. You can drag and move to the center.

 I'm going to record it with the mini laser engraver. And you have to see the preview before recording it on paper. It always goes to 0 first. Now we are in the recording configuration.

We chose brown paper. Brown paper material and then we save the settings.You do not need to configure the origin, you can just move the arrows to configure the origin. Whenever you move it, it remembers the location and will start from there.So if I move the point here and press shows you where you are going to record.

Start recording.

It has a bar to show you the process, then it starts from 0%, and when it goes to 100%, it is finished. So this is what he looks like. Fresh from the laser engraver.

Have a happy Chinese new year!

I think it's good if you have an ugly handwriting, and you want to put it in the gift box. Let's see what else we have here,We have different types of materials.They all come with the compact laser engraver and we can try them all.We have metal, wooden blocks, leather and pure wood, or planks.


I think I'm going to try the wood firs, this is our minion.It was very good.


Today I want to try baking something and see if I can customize the results with this mini laser engraver.I decided to bake sugar cookies, and while I like to cook, I've never baked sugar cookies before so I wanted to learn how to do this, step by step, from an expert.

I really enjoy learning new things on SkillShare because unlike other videos, it’s optimized for learning,not for clicks on ads or entertainment - so I can jump directly to the info without needing a big intro.I think it's a great way to spend time and improve with new skills.Let me show you what I learned this week on SkillShare.I have all the ingredients and utensils prepared from the SkillShare video.

Usually, in Chinese kitchens, you will not see an oven.It is a little unusual.I have one, and left it at 35ºC.This oven is great because it can reach low temperatures and I forgot to leave the butter and eggs at room temperature.But this oven can even reach low temperatures, so I’ll go first so they don’t melt,and when we remove it, it will be perfect, as well as room temperature.

So let's take it out now.First let's get three and a half cups of flour. Put one glass and three and a half glasses.A glass of butter, but I put the flour in the wrong bowl.I'll transfer all of that to the smaller bowl.A glass of butter is 237 grams so I'm going to measure it all with a scale.

All right so far.Let's use the mixer because it's going to be faster that way.let's go for half a teaspoon of salt in the flour and a teaspoon of yeast.And now I'm going to use my hands to mix it up a little bit.It smells really good.

I'll put everything in the fridge for an hour to check it out, and then we'll be back.I'm going to set the timer for 1 hour.Now let's get the dough from the fridge.I have this rounded cookie-cutter, one for husky,and I printed the Open Hardware logo for the cookie-cutter in 3D.It's super easy to print in 3D, and it's very popular.If you like, you can print the format you want.Look! I have a Momo cookie!

Okay, Everything ready! Let's try to start recording. We have our cookies, now let's test. It's a little dark, but it's a good start.As I do, I think artisans will be able to take advantage of this.

It's a engraver, not a cutter, so don't try to cut anything.It is super easy to use but should absolutely not be used by children without adult supervision.It records burning, so it should be used outdoors, near windows or in a large well-ventilated space like this one that I am in.

Laser engravers catch fire, so work on a clean surface with a fire extinguisher nearby. That said, I love how easy it is to use and I think it's a great way to get people enjoy more the handicraft side in digital manufacturing. If your partner loves your saw table and router, but is not interested in your 3D printing. This is a low-cost way to show them all the things you can do, once you add a computer to the recipe.

Remember, if I can do it, anyone can too!


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