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If you have bought a laser engraver you are probably faced with the problem of managing the object: its fumes but also and above all the dangerousness of the light beam.

A laser engraver is a somewhat complex instrument to handle, not because of its software or any other technical problem, but because it uses dangerous technology. Comgrow offers a cover that solves some problems related to the use of a laser.

The use of a laser must always be done with caution. Direct exposure of the beam to sight can cause irreparable damage. You must always protect your eyes before handling a laser of this type, for my part I always wear suitable glasses before pressing the start button of the machine. But there are alternatives, especially if you share a space with other people and want to engrave with your laser. If you are in a fablab or you use a workshop or garage and people can move around there, using a protective box seems to be the best solution to avoid any drama.

The in-house solution exists, as evidenced by this great montage by videographer Tommy Desrochers, who built a box that completely protects the laser, ventilates its fumes and films the operations for precise monitoring of the engraving. It's a great solution and a very nice project to carry out for not very expensive in a basic version. We can recycle old melamine furniture and second-hand equipment for a fairly similar result.

But if you don't feel like tinkering or if this type of crate is too bulky for you. Or if you want to be able to move your engraver more easily, the cover offered by Comgrow is very interesting. It is a flexible, foldable and removable solution, which proposes to lock your laser in a tubular frame which carries a flexible material which will come to hide the laser around your engraver. A "glass" will allow you to monitor the progress of your work with protection against laser light. And I advise to only use engravers with a built-in protective skirt around the laser.


The cover is made of a material that appears to be flame retardant. In such a way that if an engraved element were to catch fire, the cover would contain the fire for a while. It is always prudent to monitor this type of tool and not to launch an engraving and change parts for too long. It happens that pieces of thin wood or cardboard can give off a small flame when the laser passes, generally it stops naturally quite quickly but it is better to be careful.


Finally, a 75 mm diameter extraction vent will manage the fumes produced by the engraving. Connected to a ventilation system, carbon filtering and evacuated to the outside, this system will avoid breathing any fumes unnecessarily. Comgrow's cover can accommodate machines 65 cm wide and 33 cm high, which is enough to protect many solutions on the market.



It is an interesting product if only to be able to fold it up and hang the cover on a wall instead of reserving a work surface for it. It will also be used to protect the engraver itself even if it is located in a place shared with machines generating dust.

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