Ender-6 vs Sermoon D1:The Differences

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Ender 6 vs SERMOON D1 different

After the great success in DIY 3D printers like Ender 3 series, Creality starts to develop more advanced printers. Among the Creality product lines, enclosed 3D printers are new but promising. In this article, we will compare the two enclosed printers, Ender-6 and Sermoon D1, to find out their features.


Fully-enclosed or Semi-enclosed?

Before discussing the difference between Ender-6 and Sermoon D1, we need to clarify the definition of an enclosed 3D printer. For an enclosed 3D printer, there must be some shields or covers around the main structure. These shields can isolate the moving parts and keep the heat inside. A fully enclosed printer should not have much open space to air while it is printing. On the contrary, a semi-encoded printer has some open areas, typically on top of the printer. Strictly speaking, these two printers are both semi-enclosed printers.


Ender-6——The Fastest FDM 3D Printer

In 2020, Creality released its first core-XY 3D printer——Ender-6. The main structure of this printer is similar to Ender 5 series cubic-box, which can provide a more stable and safer printing environment.

Before we start to talk about its parameters, Ender-6's first impression is different and surprising. we can believe that Creality put many efforts into this printer.

Main Features of Ender-6

CoreXY motion

CoreXY motion can be a little confusing as it is not like one motor controls one axis. If you want to dig into the principle behind it, you can follow the link below the picture. As the result, the core XY motion allows the nozzle to move much faster than a normal printer. The maximum print speed of Ender-6 is 150mm/s, which is 3 times faster than other types of FDM 3D printers.

Ender-6's belt is wider and tighter than other printers because core XY motion has a higher requirement for belt quality. Lose belts may impact the printing results. But for Ender-6, it is easy to adjust the tension of the belt.

For more information about Ender-6, you can check out the store page COMGROW.


Ender-6 Belt

Angular Outlook

Ender-6 has 8 blue plastic protectors to hide the metal corners and sharp edges. All the side covers and front doors are made and acrylic, which is light and strong. The transparent color allows the user to check every detail when it's printing.


Sermoon D1——The most smooth 3D printer

Sermoon D1 is a much newer 3D printer that was released by Creality at the end of 2020. Right now people can pre-order it at COMGROW.

The overall outlook of D1 is a bit similar to Ender-6 except for its rounded frames and the color of the covers, which may leave a soft and friendly impression on females and kids. But the important features of D1 are behind its beauty.

Main Features of Sermoon D1



Direct Drive

D1's main feature is its CNC machined metal extruder. This extruder combines an extruder motor, heatsink cooling fans, and the nozzle kit. The advanced part design is difficult to manufacture but brings more convenience to the users. With the direct drive, users are able to print flexible materials like TPU. Also, the short feeding distance not only saves the long PTFE tubing but also has a better retraction control.


Sermoon D1 
Two lead screws on the sides

Stable Z motion

D1 has two lead screws on the left and right sides of the hotbed, which provides a more stable Z movement. But the user needs to align the two screw rods properly during the assembly.


One lead crew at the back but two roller guldes.


Printing Size: 250*250*400mm
Machine Size: 495*495*650mm
Machine Weight: 22Kg
Feeding System: Bowden
Printer Type: Core XY
Price(2021-2-24): $552 USD
Printing Size: 280*260*310mm
Machine Size: 500*500*531mm
Machine Weight: 20.5Kg
Feeding System: Direct Drive
Printer Type: Cartesian XY
Price(2021-2-24): $619 $639 USD

Common Features: Both Ender-6 and D1 have a tempered glass bed, V4.3.1 silent mainboard, filament-runout sensor, 4.3-inch touchscreen, and manual bed leveling. Also, these two printers need to be assembled from the package.



As a type of enclosed 3D printer, Ender-6 or D1 has its own unique features. Regardless of the appearance of these two printers, Ender-6 focuses on high-speed printing, while D1 provides more options for filament types and a comfortable user experience. Both of the two printers are ideal for family, office, school, and public places.


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