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Table of contents

CNC Controller Software Installation
Configuration & Testing
Machine Operation
Laser Guides & Instructions
Other Software
Other Common Questions




This guide page is designed for customers to know about COMGROW ROBO CNC ROUTER PRE ASSEMBLED MACHINE. More information click here.

If you need more information or want to share something with us. You can join our Facebook group. Our customer service and other experienced group members can help you solve your problems.




Comgrow ROBO CNC Router Machine Unboxing: When you receive your CNC ROBO machine, you can click this link and follow this video to install your machine.

ROBO CNC User Manual: PDF version of CNC Carving Machine User Manual V1.0. More information click here(Note: If the file does not open, please click the download button to download and view it.)

5W & 10W Laser Unboxing and installing instructionWhen you receive your laser kits, you can click this link and follow this video to install it to your machine.

CNC Basic terms: PDF version of CNC Basic terms. It helps you understand difficult terminology and allows you to read the user manual more easily.



CNC Controller Software Installation

GRBL software Instructions (For Windows)

ArtCAM:This link is a video that introduces the ArtCAM that is software to produce Gcode for CNC engraving toolpath diagrams.

GRBLControl/Candle 1.17 (For Windows): Link downloads a .zip file containing a full copy of Candle, the software you can use to run your CNC through your computer. Must unzip entire folder to use. (Note: Please click the download button, download and install.)

CH340SER Driver (For Windows): If windows does not do so automatically when you connect your CNC to the computer for the first time, this downloadable file is the Driver which is needed for your computer to be able to communicate with your CNC. (Note: Please click the download button, download and install.)


Software to produce Gcode for CNC engraving toolpath diagrams: fusion360, easel, ArtCAM
Software for laser engraving that can be directly connected to ROBO CNC: Lightburn, Laser Grbl, easel
CNC engraving software that can be directly linked with ROBO CNC: Candle Grbl, easel



Configuration & Testing

Video on How to Set Up your Z-Probe

Material Test: Originally provided on the SD card that came with your CNC, these are pre-made test cuts users can use to try out their machine or to help troubleshoot issues with other files.

ROBO CNC Beginner's Guide:PDF version of Beginner's Guide, you can follow it to test your Comgrow ROBO CNC machine. It suitable for beginners who need to deal with easy but common problem.

ROBO CNC Configuration: PDF version of Configuration, Please read it carefully to avoid irreparable mistakes.

ROBO CNC milling and laser engraving parameters: This is about the different engraving methods of milling cutter engraving and the performance when corresponding to different materials.

Different material for ROBO milling cutter and laser engraver: This is a video with laser engraving and milling cutter engraving for different materials. The video shows all the steps in engraving, from opening the software to completing the engraving. It will help you better understand how to choose your material and start your first print.



Machine Operation

How to use the Z-Probe on the CNC

Comgrow rotary roller installation guide for CNC router

Comgrow ROBO CNC Assembly and 5W/10W Laser Kit Installation



Laser Guides & Instructions

Lsaer Engraver Guide For ROBO CNC

LaserGRBL Control Software: Originally provided on the SD card that came with your CNC, a powerful and affordable GRBL controller meant specifically for lasers.




Common error and solutions guide: When you encounter machine error during operation, you can check this link for error phenomena and solutions. If this guide does not help you, you can send a message to Facebook Comgrow Official account or join Facebook Comgrow Official group and our customer service team will provide you with a solution. (Note: If the file does not open, please click the download button to download and view it.)



Other Software


LaserGRBL is the software currently used by Comgrow ROBO and it is installed on the SD card that comes with the CNC machine. More information click here.

Fusion 360:

The modeling logic is based on Boolean operations. Of course there are some normal uses. It works very well for horizontal and vertical things, and the Boolean operations can produce very good high models. However, it is more difficult to make curved surfaces

Carveco Maker: 

It can realize fine 3D relief design, also can calculate tool path output G-Code, output STL to 3D printing manufacturing, covering jewelry and ring design functions


It is infographic maker with a simple interface, easy to use, beautiful pictures, and users only need to log in to the official website to start making infographics, where you can share and find materials to your heart's content, some of which are not free, of course.



Other common Questions

1. Where can you find professional instructional videos?
We have many instructional videos available on our Youtube Comgrow Official Account link.
2. How to reset ROBO CNC system?
After triggering the emergency stop button or limit switch, there is no need to power off and restart. After resetting the emergency stop button, the reset and unlock buttons on the motor software can move the axis.
3. What software to use to edit images?
ARTCAM software
4. Is it possible to use the M4 dynamic mode for the laser engraver?
M3 and M4 modes can be used. M3 is black and white engraving and constant power output. M4 is grayscale engraving, variable power mode.
5. What is the print size of ROBO CNC?
300X180X45 mm
6. How to install a laser kit on the ROBO?
A sheet metal buckle is installed on the 5W laser head kit, which is directly buckled in front of the Z-axis chuck, and then connected to the laser head prepared on the machine. Pay attention to distinguish between the power plug and the PWM plug. Wangcheng can help.
7. After installing the machine, how to start laser printing?
Adjust the gear position on the control mainboard, and turn on the laser engraving mode on the software side. Enter $32=1. There are specific video operation tutorials on our social media.